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IWD: Reaprite explains how Nigerian women can grow wealth

IWD: Reaprite explains how Nigerian women can grow wealth

Over the past decade, there has been an increased campaign towards ensuring women have quite the same chances at prosperity as men. However, it is not hard to see that women still rank low on the wealth ladder, despite having the same skills and qualifications as men.

It was against this backdrop that Reaprite, a digital solution company, organized a Webinar titled, “Removing the Barriers to Women’s Economic Potential” on Thursday, 10th March 2022, to help women disregard any limitations that may be stacked against them, in achieving financial fulfilment.

The virtual event, which was to celebrate the 2022 International Women’s Day, tagged “Break the Bias”, was part of the company’s efforts in encouraging Nigerians, especially women, to cultivate healthy financial habits like saving and investing. In her observation, Ekaette Udoh, Head of Product at Reaprite, said, “women seem to take time to understand new opportunities before taking them, unlike men who are swifter with them.”

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The Speaker, Sola Adesakin, a Global Personal/Business Finance Coach and Chartered Accountant with over 20 years experience, enjoined the participants to be more deliberate in getting more for themselves.

According to her, “women should stay aware and conversant with information, trends and developments, particularly following people who understand the dynamics of finances and will help them make better money decisions.”

Towards attaining financial success, she emphasized that women should get familiar with their current figures at any point, earn more money by upskilling themselves, start investing early, build an investment portfolio (bonds, equities, etc) and understand & harness the power of compound interest.