• Saturday, April 13, 2024
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Indigenous firm introduces technological solution to improve healthcare service

Indigenous firm introduces technological solution to improve healthcare service

After a thorough research, an indigenous firm has come up with technological innovation to address delay and time wait experienced by individuals before they could access healthcare in various hospitals. Ordinarily, time waits at hospitals by patients could be costly.

Speaking to BusinessDay recently in Lagos, Dorothy Jeff-Nnamani, MD/CEO of Novo Health Africa said most individuals face different challenges especially delay in accessing care from Healthcare providers.

Dorothy Jeff-Nnamani who was represented by Nnenna Nwahiri, Executive Assistant to the CEO at the introduction of the technological solution in Lagos said delay and time wait to access healthcare has caused added costs and consequences to patients and families and therefore needed to be addressed.

She said the technological innovation by her firm called Novo Apoyo, was therefore targeted at reducing the time delay by 90 percent at hospitals by their HMO enrolees. The time wait is due to verification process which sometimes takes up to an hour.

“We acknowledge the challenges of delay in accessing care in the healthcare sector, impacting patient satisfaction and timely care. That is why Novo Apoyo has been optimized to reduce wait times, eliminate the inconvenience of unforeseen out-of-pocket payments, ensure patients receive needed prescriptions, address the risk of errors in hospital records and most of all empower the enrollee for better health outcomes.

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“In addition, our partner providers are relieved of administrative service bottlenecks ensuring that they concentrate on their primary role of diagnosing and treatment”, she said. Apoyo is a Spanish word for support or solution.

Dorothy Jeff-Nnamani further said ‘’the real-time self-check-in is a breakthrough transformation and the first of its kind in our industry. Its introduction signifies our commitment to transforming healthcare standards and driving positive change within the industry, thus showcasing our dedication to improving healthcare accessibility for Nigerians’’, she added.

The support-service initiative is accessible through the firm’s Ijele platform and will drastically reduce challenges in accessing care, particularly wait times by up to 90% amongst other benefits. Through the platform, a user will log in and follow the process to get a code which the individual will present at his/her HMO hospital to be attended to immediately. It is like paying out of his/her pocket.

Also, the introduction creates a seamless avenue for interaction between clients and HR partners. Through Novo Apoyo, customers are given real-time, practical end-to-end support at the point of access. This minimizes uncertainty and guarantees hitch-free hospital visits.

She said her firm which started its business operation in 2011 always conduct survey on how to improve services to its enrolees.