• Saturday, April 20, 2024
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GC Watt simplifies energy management for homes, businesses

GC Watt simplifies energy management for homes, businesses

Grid Crux has released GC Watt, an energy management and monitoring solution for homes and businesses.

The firm unveiled GC Watt at an event which was held in Lagos.

“We believe in our ability to make a significant impact when it comes to providing solutions across the energy spectrum, and our vision is to build solutions that ensure customers have the easiest and the most efficient means to access and control their energy usage,” Mojola Ola, chief executive officer of Grid Crux said

He said GC Watt, born out of this vision, simplifies the process of purchasing and managing power, essentially democratising energy.

“Our vision is a world where future generations can live productive and healthy lives without negatively impacting the environment.

“Our goal is to provide insightful and actionable information about energy consumption in a convenient and transparent manner allowing you to make better decisions,” Ola said.

Adedamola Olusakin, VP Tech and Strategy at Grid Crux said GC Watt is set to transform energy management and monitoring, empowering users.

“As Nigeria continues its journey to electrification, GC Watt app is at the forefront of the energy management revolution, helping users take control of their energy usage and consumption while supporting national and global objectives.

“Approximately 40 percent of the Nigerian population has no access to electricity and those who have, find it unreliable and unpredictable,” Olusakin said.

“The GC Watt App complemented by an integrated hardware box, provides the solution of a stress-free electricity purchase, real-time usage monitoring, and energy analysis for direct consumers, businesses, estates, multi-tenant buildings, and users across various sectors in their energy journey,” he said.

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He stated that following the market launch of our version 1.0, upcoming features include advanced analytics, multi-source management, and load sensing for consumption analysis.

“Additionally, we plan to introduce EV charging monitoring and management capabilities,” Olusakin said.

Bunmi Gbelee, operations director at Grid Crux said Grid Crux supplies and installs solar inverter battery systems to orphanages, covering their essential needs at no expense.

“Our goal is to empower ten orphanages by the close of 2023, and through partnerships and donations, we can achieve this objective,” Gbelee said.

GC Watt’s potential applications are wide-ranging, from homeowners looking to reduce energy bills to businesses seeking to implement eco-friendly energy practices