• Thursday, July 18, 2024
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Advancing Nigeria’s Energy Future: The commissioning of Tetracore Energy’s Compressed Natural Gas Facility and groundbreaking of her Liquefied Natural Gas Facility

Tetracore Energy Group, a dominant energy solutions provider in Nigeria, has taken a significant stride towards developing distribution infrastructures within the natural gas sector, for industrialization and energy access in Africa.

In continuation of the Tetracore Energy Group’s efforts to deepen gas penetration in West Africa and support the Federal Government of Nigeria’s Decade of Gas agenda, we have commissioned in June 2024 the phase I of our compressed natural gas (CNG) facility with a of capacity 3.1 MMscf/d (84,000 scm/d) located on the Benin-Sagamu Express Road in Ogun State that will support gas availability along Nigeria’s Western-Southern corridor where some of the country’s biggest industrial clusters are located. It is expandable to 6.2 MMscf/d, providing room for expansion as the demand for gas grows.

In addition to the newly commissioned CNG facility, Tetracore has also embarked on an ambitious modular Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) project. This initiative aims to further diversify the company’s energy offerings and contribute to the nation’s energy independence. Tetracore’s LNG facility will enable the efficient production and distribution of liquefied natural gas, providing a versatile and environmentally friendly energy source for various applications, including transportation, industry, and power generation.

Olakunle Williams, Managing Director of Tetracore, expressed his vision for the company’s role in shaping Nigeria’s energy future at the commissioning event: While speaking about the new facility he said “We are excited to be play a part in the development of Nigeria’s energy sector as we celebrate this important milestone of commissioning our CNG facility and break ground on our small-scale LNG facility. This milestone marks a significant step towards unlocking and harnessing the nation’s abundant natural resources while contributing to national economic development in Nigeria and across Africa. Beyond building infrastructure, we’re laying the groundwork for a lasting impact on Nigeria’s energy landscape. We are determined to harness natural gas’s potential to drive industrialization and enable energy availability. We know that through our dedication, we will drive the transition towards cleaner fuels and propel the region towards sustainable energy solutions.”

Strategically positioned in the southern-western corridor of the country, Tetracore’s CNG plant is located just by the connection point of the NNPC Gas Marketing Limited (NGML) which tees off from the Escravos-Lagos Pipeline, ensuring sufficient and reliable pressure for the effective and efficient production and distribution of CNG. This strategic location provides wide access to both western and southern markets.

Tetracore has invested in modern technology for its CNG facility, including compression technology equipped with an inbuilt fire suppressant system, ensuring safety and optimal compression at all times. The state-of-the-art CNG facility is designed for maximum efficiency, achieving an energy conversion efficiency rate of over 90%.

The establishment of our CNG facility generates significant economic benefits for the local community. It creates numerous direct and indirect jobs during the construction and operational phases, fostering economic development and providing valuable employment opportunities in the region.

Additionally, the company has implemented ISO 9001:2015 QMS standards across the organization, demonstrating its commitment to quality delivery, customer satisfaction, and continuous improvement of its processes.

The company’s dedication to excellence and sustainability is evident in the meticulous planning, execution, and adherence to international safety and environmental standards that have guided these projects.

About Tetracore:

Tetracore is an integrated energy solutions provider with a robust and increasing energy (natural gas and power delivery) across the energy landscape in Nigeria and a growing footprint across the African continent. As a dominant gas midstream and downstream player, it focuses on developing distribution infrastructures within the natural gas sector, with a consistent supply capacity exceeding 70mmscfd.

Tetracore is committed to building African capabilities, The company focuses on projects that have a deep impact on industrialization and energy access in Africa while committed to building African capabilities shaping the future of energy in Africa.

For more information about Tetracore Energy, please visit https://tetracoregroup.com/about-us/