• Sunday, May 26, 2024
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Firm embraces clean energy, unveils transition plan to power plants with gas

Firm embraces clean energy, unveils transition plan to power plants with gas

Johnvents Industries Limited, an agribusiness in cocoa processing and export, has unveiled its plans to install new gas plants across its factories in the country as part of the effort to embrace clean and green energy.

Caroline Omotosho, managing director of Johnvents Industries Limited, who stated this in Akure, the Ondo state capital on Thursday, noted that the installation of the new gas plant will completely phase out the ozone-depleting substances and safeguard the environment.

According to Omotosho, this is a shift from fossil fuels that will usher in an unwavering commitment towards a greener future, adding that Johnvents Group is wholeheartedly committed to safeguarding the ozone layer and the environment at large.

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Omotosho said the organization identified three major greenhouse gases which included carbon dioxide (CO2), Methane, and Oxide—stand at the forefront of atmospheric disruption and the organization is taking bold steps to combat GHG through two
strategic approaches.

She listed the strategic approaches to include: promoting sustainable farming practices and transitioning to low-carbon energy with Innovative Gas plants.

“Numerous farming practices have been identified as contributors to ozone depletion and environmental degradation. Such practices include deforestation, the use of harmful pesticides and fertilizers,
and indiscriminate bush burning”.

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She further explained that, in an effort to counteract these detrimental actions, Johnvents Group had implemented its first phase series of initiatives such as organizing comprehensive training and awareness programmes in cocoa-producing regions.

“The trainings focused on sustainable practices, providing cocoa nurseries to farmers, supplying exclusively approved pesticides and fertilizers to registered farmers, and offering incentives to farmers who participate in and complete the Rainforest Alliance certification program.