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Digital marketing key to sales generation, economic recovery’

Digital marketing key to sales generation, economic recovery’

TEMITAYO OYINYEMI, the marketing director at Primeclick Marketing, a digital advertising agency, in this interview with BUNMI BAILEY discussed how the COVID-19 pandemic has shaped the digital marketing industry in Nigeria and how companies can use digital marketing to drive a rebound. Excerpts:

The COVID-19 pandemic has pushed more consumers to embrace digital channels. In what ways has the pandemic shaped the digital marketing industry in Nigeria?

The pandemic undoubtedly elevated the status of advertising and marketing as 90 percent of consumers moved dramatically towards online channels, and companies and industries responded in turn in order to stay competitive in this new business and economic environment using new strategies and practices.

The industry has become central to every interaction, as it’s a meeting point for organisations and their targeted audience. This has shaped the industry in a positive way as most digital channels have become the primary (and, in some cases, sole) customer-engagement model, and automated processes have become a primary driver of productivity.

The industry is both fast-growing and incredibly competitive in Nigeria. Can you explain why?

Currently, the world is connecting online, and more and more organisations are trying to have an online presence. Digital marketing has truly made an enormous difference in the field of advertising and marketing strategies.

It is highly effective, financially feasible, and broader. It uses more powerful techniques to groom the business and efficiently boosts the present scale to peak levels that touch each and every customer personally. I can say that it adds more customization and personalization communications with customers, and that’s a win-win game. It also widens the job opportunities. The digital marketing industry has shown enormous growth and revenue that transforms the country and world in real-time.

Since the pandemic first hit, the shift towards digital has been exponential, putting traditional channels for advertising under pressure. Do you still think traditional channels are still valuable and effective?

Absolutely, while the shift is happening at unprecedented levels, traditional channels still play a major role and will still be valuable and effective depending on the strategic goal and the Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) of the marketing team and business.

Does digital marketing have the potential to address the country’s high unemployment rate?

Yes, it does, as the rise of online interactions has brought about the increase of other tech skills like Product Design, Software Development, CyberSecurity, Data Science, and the likes however not everyone will belong to the Tech world.

Digital marketing has become one of the top sought-after skills that employers want and need. Do you think there is a gap? If so, how can this be addressed?

With the ever-expanding digital marketplace, most businesses are booming for those who can take advantage of riding that wave of innovation and have properly trained and positioned themselves for career growth.

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To win out on digital marketing opportunities, young professionals should focus on closing that skills gap by arming themselves with the necessary digital marketing skills, thereby presenting themselves as most beneficially to prospective employers. Harnessing the power of qualified individuals in digital marketing is only going to enrich the industry as a whole and move innovation forward dynamically.

According to the Nigerian Communication Commission (NCC), there are 151 million Nigerian internet users as at June 2022. With this huge number, what opportunities does it present for digital marketers?

With the wide range of data coverage in Nigeria, the digital marketing space will be able to reach a wider audience other than the limited number available before now. A wider audience equals more sales.

Since digital marketing depends on the internet. What are the types of marketing strategies that companies need to adapt to effectively drive sales?

Marketing and sales are closely knitted. In order to drive sales, brands need to Leverage social media, maximize Search Engine Optimization (SEO), create a unique Call To Action (CTA) with mouth-watering, host webinars, and build a mailing list with engaging content.

What are the challenges of digital marketing in Nigeria and how can the government address them?

Digital marketing like other businesses comes with a number of challenges and they include but are not limited to the privacy concerns which are usually driven by consumers; it reduces the impact of targeted advertising. Fraudulent clicks from bots and bad actors are also a major challenge as well as consumer trust in completing purchases online.

How lucrative is the digital marketing industry?

On a large scale, it is a profitable business. However, the economy is also affecting business.

Tell us a brief background of Primeclick Marketing and the services it provides?

PrimeClick Media is a performance-driven digital advertising agency that helps businesses acquire new customers for growth, by using pay-per-click digital advertising to generate quality leads and customers thereby increasing their KPIs.

We are experts in managing the various digital ad platforms available, e.g Google ads, Facebook & Instagram ads, programmatic advertising e.t.c. Over the years, we have been able to deliver quality results to businesses that have sorted our cutting-edge digital advertising services. We also have a 100 percent refund policy if our advertising services do not generate agreed results.