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Udomiaye: Transforming Nigeria’s digital marketing ecosystem

Udomiaye: Transforming Nigeria’s digital market ecosystem

Tony Udomiaye is no doubt a voice in today’s digital marketing space. He, like many others, had struggled in the past to find a path for himself, career-wise.

Little did he know that destiny had a place for him in the country’s digital ecosystem.

The entrepreneur said he identified an opportunity in the digital market landscape and leveraged it. Through hard work and persistence, he has become highly sought-after.

It’s interesting to know that Udomiaye led the digital analytics and insights on social media platforms and monitored the share of voice and sentiment analysis for Babajide Olusola Sanwo-Olu in the 2018 APC gubernatorial election in the state.

“Starting and failing at many different pursuits and then eventually finding success in online advertising and digital marketing,” he said.

“Although it took me about a year to learn and develop these digital skills, I can say today that it’s worth the time and investment.”

“I have a background in digital marketing, online reputation management and online sales. I also have an endless string of impressive credentials in my portfolio. My contributions to the digital marketplace are phenomenal and globally recognized,” he added.

Udomiaye said he’s on a mission to make the whole digital process much easier and more understandable for as many as are willing to learn the ropes.

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“I help my clients to simplify the steps to launching and monetizing a digital business minus the lingo and hype so they can get on with living the life they envisioned.”

Through the actionable training, tools and resources, he provides one-on-one sessions to his mentees by ensuring they gain the clarity and confidence they need to create amazing digital products.

Highlighting some of his key achievements as a digital expert, he said. “I have been a growth hacker for Treepz, driving 67,000 downloads in two weeks, 500 referrals, a million website impressions and 15,000 website visits. I’ve also engaged with Crowdyvest where a monthly download and new user signup 100 – 2000 monthly was achieved.”

“I had a stint with Farmcrowdy, where the brand experienced an increase in weekly sales from $100 to $2000 weekly sales revenue,” he noted.

At Wakanow, he led the digital team that generated N500million in revenue – 500percent incremental flight tickets sales (Go-down-low Event).

Describing his most memorable challenge in the journey, the digital marketing coach said,

“Well, I’d say the year 2020 was it for me when the lockdown dealt a blow to all businesses.”

“I had just got promoted to the role of head of digital at Wakanow. We couldn’t sell flight tickets due to the lockdown, so I had to engage our customers on social media by telling travel stories on Instagram,” he noted.

This simple act saw the brand’s Instagram followers grow from 20,000 followers to 107,000 followers, increasing the email subscribers and making the Wakanow brand trend twice on Twitter.

This increase in followers gave the business a boost in the purchase of flight tickets when the lockdown was lifted and flights resumed.” He noted.

On how he has been impacting knowledge to others, he explained that digital marketing can be a crucial tool to grow a business.

“In my one-on-one sessions which are accessed on https://tonydms.disha.page/, you’ll explore what digital marketing is, why it is important and look at some digital marketing strategies including display advertising, pay per click advertising, and search engine optimisation and email marketing.”

On his advice to other entrepreneurs, Udomiaye said, “Do not give up.” “Don’t be afraid, take permission from nobody and apologize to nobody.”