• Saturday, April 20, 2024
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Dana develops solution to tackle Vitamin C deficiency

Dana develops solution to tackle Vitamin C deficiency

Dana Pharmaceuticals, a leading drug maker in Nigeria, has developed a new solution to tackle vitamin C deficiency in children.

The solution formulated under its paediatric care segment aims to infuse wellness with flavour, ensuring children receive vital nutrients required to boost their immunity for healthy growth.

“Our commitment to children’s health inspired the creation of a supplement that not only bolsters their immune systems but also makes nutrition enjoyable,” Bharat Vaswani, Dana’s country manager said.

Fruits are an important source of vitamin C and fruit juices are a major contributor to vitamin C across many countries.

But in lower and middle-income countries such as in Nigeria, social factors such as class differences associated with income; seasons where vitamin C-rich fruits are scarce; and the high cost of fresh fruits and vegetables have increasingly led to low levels of vitamin C consumption.

The most accessible variants are those often included in soft drink formulations, which serves to stabilize their quality, especially where colour and flavour are concerned.

Vitamin as a key element of nutrition serves as an important processing acid, for removing oxygen from solutions in order to increase product shelf-life.

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Studies show that very large daily doses of vitamin C are effective in treating common colds and other infections, psychiatric conditions, cancer, and other diseases while enhancing immunological responsiveness, wound healing, and physical performance.

It is also proven to lower blood cholesterol, facilitate iron absorption, and promote the mobilisation and elimination of heavy metals such as lead, mercury, cadmium, and copper.

Although many controlled clinical studies have been conducted to test the protective effect against colds of gram-doses of vitamin C, most indicate only a small positive impact in terms of reducing the incidence, shortening the duration, and alleviating the symptoms of the common cold, according to the World Health Organization.

Dana however hopes to ease the access through its “DanaCee” formulation.

The pharmaceutical company has operated in Nigeria for over 37 years, with its paracetamol brand as the company’s centrepiece.

It is innovating other solutions including blood enhancers, featuring contemporary pharmaceutical packaging.

Its redesigned packaging is part of customer feedback and industry requirements, providing innovative and reliable pharmaceutical solutions and options.

“The company extends its gratitude to millions of Nigerians who have consistently chosen Paradana as their preferred analgesic painkiller. The company also expresses appreciation to patrons, medical professionals, distributors, and partners for their unwavering support in the value chain of healthcare delivery,” Vaswani said restating its commitment to advancing pharmaceutical care, with innovation and uncompromising quality standards over the past decades.

Dana Pharmaceuticals Limited operates with three ISO 9001:2015 certified, state-of-the-art factories, delivering genuine and high-quality healthcare solutions nationwide.