• Monday, June 17, 2024
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Cormart to produce sandwich panels from January 2023 to boost poultry business

Cormart, Fosroc partner to produce full range of construction chemicals

Cormart Nigeria Limited, a subsidiary of the TGI Group and a chemical and food raw materials supplier in Nigeria, will commence the production of sandwich panels in January 2023 to boost poultry business in Nigeria.

Sandwich panels are structural composites that consist of a low-density insulating core sandwiched between two layers of skin, typically made of steel or aluminium.

They are employed in constructions where superior thermal insulation, high strength-to-weight ratio, humidity control, and strict hygiene requirements are required.

Martin Middernacht, Cormart’s managing director, highlighted the potential of using sandwich panels in the poultry industry.

“The difficulty in the poultry sector, as in most other industries, is growing demand and limited production capacity. As of today, the sandwich panels used in large-scale poultry operations are mostly imported, and this has an impact on production costs, schedules, and business growth plans. We want to increase local manufacturing capacity to boost import substitution, and ultimately contribute to the Nigerian economy by saving on foreign exchange that could otherwise have gone to export.”

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Johannes Flosbach, Cormart’s General Manager, said: “We are ramping up our preparation to commence production. The factory construction is on schedule, and we will be ready to begin production in January 2023.”

Samuel Olarinde, Cormart’s Business Development and Strategy Manager said: “The sandwich panels will be produced using state-of-the-art technology with quality materials sourced from the best in the industry. We will match import standards to reduce the difficulties of FX and other supply chain issues for customers in Nigeria and other West African countries.”

For the poultry industry, Cormart has partnered with Big Dutchman. Cormart will also produce sandwich panels for use in the construction of food and pharmaceutical factories and cold rooms.