• Tuesday, May 21, 2024
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Chi Farms, Aviagen strengthened collaboration in poultry production

Chi Farms, Aviagen strengthened collaboration in poultry production

Chi Farms Limited, a member of the TGI Group, and Aviagen, a global leader in poultry genetics, have signed an extension of their exclusive supply agreement for Arbour Acre Grand-Parent Stock, and distribution of Parent Stock for an additional five years.

The extended partnership builds on Chi Farms and Aviagen’s successful business history, showcasing their shared commitment to advancing the poultry industry in Nigeria through cutting-edge genetics and sustainable practices. Chi Farms, a distributor of Arbour Acres – Parent Stock, will continue to receive a reliable supply of Aviagen’s high-performance breeding stock, contributing to the success of poultry farming nationwide.

Martin Middernacht, managing director of Chi Farms, expressed enthusiasm about the partnership extension. He said, “Renewing our long-standing partnership with Aviagen allows us to continue raising further generations and supplying premium Parent Stock and Commercial Day-Old chicks.

“This partnership aligns with our steadfast commitment to advancing the poultry industry and ensuring consistent domestic supply in Nigeria.”

Also commenting on the extension, Tunji Olaitan, general manager of Chi Farms, said, “Our long-standing relationship with Aviagen has been instrumental in our success, and we are delighted to continue this journey together. This renewal emphasizes our shared values and commitment to providing our customers with top-quality products.”

Tom Exley, president, Aviagen, TMEA, extolled the partnership stating that: “this collaboration marks another major milestone for Aviagen and Chi Farms. Chi Farms has been an Arbour Acres distributor for over 20 years and has an outstanding history in the Nigerian market. Arbour Acres is achieving good results in the field at both the PS and broiler levels because of our strategic collaboration with Chi Farms. With Chi Farms’ dedicated field team actively supporting their customers, Arbour Acres’ success in the market is guaranteed.”

In his statement, Robert Roszkopf, business manager, Aviagen SSA, addressed Chi Farms’ commitment to providing superior customer service and quality products to customers. He emphasised, “Chi Farms is heavily investing in training which is critical to supporting the Nigerian poultry sector and our customers. We are proud to partner with Chi Farms and appreciate their commitment to Aviagen. The teams at Chi Farms and Aviagen Arbour Acres teams have diligently worked to ensure that poultry producers in Nigeria recognize the genetic potential of the breed.”

The extended partnership is poised to foster sustainable growth, promote best practices, and drive innovation in the poultry sector. Chi Farms’ partnership with Aviagen will significantly boost economic development in the region and positively impact the global poultry industry.