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Asharami Energy exceeds industry target with 2 million LTI-free man-hours

Asharami Energy exceeds industry target with 2 million LTI-free man-hours

A zero harm to an employee, stakeholders and environmental commitment has produced 2,000,000 man-hours without Lost Time Injury (LTI) over 1085 days at Asharami Energy, a statement from the Sahara Group Upstream company has revealed.

Henry Menkiti, Chief Operating Officer, Asharami Energy, disclosed this during the company’s Safety Week – an annual event geared towards reinforcing Asharami’s commitment to global occupational safety and health (OSH) standards.

Lost Time Injury, a key oil and gas sector OSH benchmark, is a measure of injury or illness resulting from a work-related event that involves lost days away from work or resulting in downtime in operations.

According to Menkiti, Asharami Energy’s OSH standards guide the company’s operations, community relations, procurement, environmental, social and governance impact as it continues to spearhead sustainability in Africa’s oil and gas sector.

The 2 million LTI-free achievement makes Asharami Energy an African upstream brand in the management of Health, Safety, Security and Environment (HSSE) issues in the sector.

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“We have consistently surpassed the industry standard which is set at 1,000,000 LTI-free man-hours in keeping with a deliberate, proactive and sustained pursuit of our zero harm to people and the environment commitment. Our people are unrelenting when it comes to safety and we have successfully transmitted this passion to our host communities and other stakeholders to make our operations seamless and productive across the value chain,” Menkiti said.

The Safety Week provides a platform for Asharami Energy employees to review its safety process and protocols, optimize gains from previous year and re-commit to ensuring every stakeholder remains vigilant and involved in preventing and eradicating threats.

“Operational safety and health issues receive daily attention at Asharami Energy as we all share the passion of safety being above every other pursuit in the course of our operations. Our employees have been phenomenal in this regard and our host communities and other stakeholders also deserve commendation for lending their support,” he added.

With continuing investment in technology and spearheading responsible engineering across their operations, the company is confident of sustaining impressive safety records as the business continues to expand.

Asharami Energy is an independent Exploration and Production (E&P) company with a diverse portfolio of eight oil and gas assets in prolific basins across Africa. Asharami Energy Limited and Sahara Energy Fields Holdings UK Limited are the entities at the forefront of Sahara’s upstream operations.

These assets are at various stages of development ranging from exploratory fields to mature producing fields with huge potential for positive returns.