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Top 10 cognac and brandy labels Africans love to drink

Africa has witnessed a remarkable surge in the popularity of cognac and brandy, marking them as symbols of luxury and indulgence.

For generations, cognac and brandy have captivated the African palate, offering a blend of traditional craftsmanship and modern innovations defining the African spirits industry.

As consumers’ tastes from Africa continue to evolve, many are gravitating toward specific brands that have earned recognition and a devoted following.

Sagaci Research’s latest report, released in September 2023, provides a comprehensive look into the African cognac and brandy market.

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Despite the reputation of Africa for diverse beverage preferences, the report reveals that brandy and cognac consumption lag behind other spirits like gin (11%), vodka (13%), and whisky (16%), with only 4% of the population indulging in these exquisite spirits.

Nonetheless, the allure of cognac and brandy in Africa is on an upward trajectory, making the continent a beacon for one of the most promising emerging markets globally. As the spirits industry in Africa continues to flourish, it’s worth exploring the top 10 cognac and brandy brands that have captured the hearts of consumers in Africa.

Top 10 cognac and brandy brands from the Sagaci Research report

1 Hennessy (Cognac)
2 Napoleon Brandy(Brandy)
3 Remy Martin (Cognac)
4 Viceroy(Brandy)
5 501(Brandy)
6 Martell (Cognac)
7 Courvoisier (Cognac)
8 Kliporift (Brandy)
9 KWV (Brandy)
10 Richot (Brandy)