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Troli International sets new record with launch of Pepperetti

Nigeria’s agricultural economy recently received Pepperetti, an innovative sauce product produced by Troli International Limited (TIL), the first of its kind in the consumer goods industry.

While launching the new product, TIL said all the ingredients that were used to manufacture Pepperetti are locally sourced except the pepper seeds, which are imported and provided to farmers to grow locally.

According to the four-year-old company, Pepperetti can be enjoyed with among other foods, rice, beans, grilled fish, chicken, noodles, fried yam, shawarma, barbeque, amala, eba, and semo.

“The brand’s vision is to be the authentic ready to eat sauce for the African palette,” Kehinde Salami, MD/CEO of Troli International Limited, said, adding that Pepperetti is for anyone who desires “that peppery zest in their meal. It’s not designed to replace stew but rather to complement it”.

While describing the sizes of the sauce product to be in 370g and 200g packaged with nine months shelf life, TIL said Pepperetti sauce is currently available in 100 grocery outlets in Lagos and soon to be available in other leading chain stores like Shoprite, Spar, Ebeano, and lots more.

According to TIL, it started its operation in 2016 when it invested in a state-of-the-art factory, consumer assessment test as well as extreme condition tests.

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