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Nigeria’s first tech PR forum calls for enabling environment to enhance tech adoption

The success of the first Tech PR conference organized recently by Phyllion and Partners underscored the statement that the future of technology transformation in Africa is hinged on key pillars of the tech ecosystem and communications sector.

The objective of the virtual conference which had of 100 attendees was to ensure that the impact story of technology transformation is cascaded from top to bottom as it happens. The speakers called for enabling environment faster tech adoption.

For an average of four hours, diversity of ideas, enlightening and insightful presentations and discussion set the pace for the marriage of technology and communication in enabling transformation in Africa.

In his keynote address, Yomi Badejo-Okusanya, the Group Managing Director of CMC Connect Limited, and President, Africa Public Relations Association (APRA), affirmed that the relevance of technology has called for an enabling environment, to enhance the much-needed development envisaged in the private and public sector of Africa’s economies. In achieving this, he pointed out that all stakeholders must be actively engaged.

He said, “Embracing technological transformation in our business goes beyond tools creating social media campaigns or keeping our software updated. It is following tech trends or embedding digital solutions in our business affairs. It is about perceiving what the future holds and being positioned digitally to be at the forefront of innovation.”

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Adrian Clews, the Chief Executive Officer of Hinckley Group, expressed delight with the organizers of the conference, stating that technological transformation has been rapid on the African continent with various initiatives that have helped in boosting business productivity and human advancement.

Harping on the role communication has to play in cascading the impact story of tech in Africa, Founder, Phyllion & Partners Temi Ophylia stated, “Technology enthusiasts need to begin to see PR as a vehicle.” She moved on to admonish key decision-makers to embrace future-based thinking and human-centered design in developing technology solutions for Africa.

During the panel discussion, the six speakers, touched on important points that offered insights into smart industry trends, had conversations around tech impact and growth areas within social & interpersonal relations, education, communication and business, and technology changes to expect from the new era and the immediate future.

One of the speakers during the panel session, Ayeni Adekunle, CEO Black House Media Group, had said, “We need to use technology to transform the media in Nigeria.”

Ayeni also called the older generation to action in his closing statement, “We owe the new generation an obligation to set the Agenda for what the African dream should be.”

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