• Thursday, May 23, 2024
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Zoracom urges heightened protection for digital assets amid global digitalisation surge


Zoracom, one of the leading technology firms specialising in cybersecurity, observability, and infrastructure management, has urged the safeguarding of digital assets in an era marked by swift digitalisation.

With organisations globally making substantial investments in digital assets, Zoracom emphasises the critical need for enhanced protection measures.

According to the company, the persistent threat of cybersecurity breaches has underscored the critical need for robust cybersecurity partners.

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Speaking at a media parley, John Nwachukwu, Chief Strategy/Executive Officer (CSEO) of Zoracom, emphasised the evolving nature of the digital landscape, stating, “As the digital landscape is constantly changing, and it is becoming increasingly difficult to protect against the various forms of cyberattacks that are targeting organisations of all sizes.”

The company had earlier invested in state-of-the-art technologies and strategies within its NSOC (Network and Security Operation Centers) to stay one step ahead of cyber attackers.

According to the company, the facility specialises in providing cybersecurity solutions and network monitoring capabilities to public and private organisations, offering services such as network security monitoring, security incident response, vulnerability management, compliance management, security analytics, and security training and education.

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Highlighting their commitment to corporate social responsibility, Nwachukwu emphasised Zoracom’s engagement in Young Talent training within the community where they operate.

He said, “We proudly underscore our unwavering commitment to nurturing and empowering interns, fostering talent specialising in cybersecurity, network management, and software development.”

According to the company, the cornerstone of its success is it cutting-edge NSOC facility, which is equipped with tools and resources to monitor network service and cyber threats in real time.

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Launched in December 2022, the facility has brought a proactive approach to network monitoring and cybersecurity, resulting in various achievements and awards for the organisation.

Looking ahead, John Nwachukwu outlined Zoracom’s vision, stating, “We envision an exciting chapter marked by strategic international partnerships that will propel us to new heights.

“With a focus on global collaboration, we anticipate forging key alliances with organisations from diverse countries to deliver excellent digital observability.”