• Monday, July 22, 2024
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HASG underscores unity , asks ADVAN to rescind exit decision from group

HASG underscores unity , asks ADVAN to rescind exit decision from group

Heads of Advertising Agencies Sectoral Group, headed by Femi Adelusi has appealed to Advertisers Association of Nigeria, ADVAN to rescind its decision to withdraw from the group emphasizing collaboration in the multibillion Naira marketing communication industry.

The HASG response letter dated July 3, 2024 was based on the earlier letter written by ADVAN, and signed by Ediri Ose-Ediale, the CEO to HASG dated July 1, 2024 stating its formal withdrawal from the group based on what ADVAN called ‘’misalignment between the current actions of HASG and its stated objectives’’

In the ADVAN letter seen by BusinessDay, it said the ‘’objectives of HASG, which we wholeheartedly support, include promoting investment in advertising services, fostering trust in the advertising sector, nurturing closer relationships among advertising sectorial associations, and engaging in discussions on regulations affecting the advertising practice in Nigeria.

“Regrettably, we have experienced a departure from these objectives in the recent activities of HASG. Despite our repeated engagement, our submissions and contributions have not received the acknowledgment and action they warrant. We firmly believe that a successful joint committee can only be attained through a commitment to transparency, accountability, and inclusion by all parties involved.

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”In light of the apparent selective inclusion and predetermined outcomes, we find it necessary not only to withdraw from HASG but also from other ad-hoc industry committees where similar biases exist until such a time we are convinced that these biases have been fully and transparently resolved. However, we want to emphasize our unwavering commitment to fulfilling our obligations to participate in all statutory committees”.

In its response, HASG appealed to ADVAN to reconsider its decision. “Let us challenge ourselves to spring back and win together, with the hope of a positive outcome that will benefit our industry as a whole”

HASG believes that marketing communication industry is currently experiencing a difficult period that requires resilience and the single-minded collaboration of all stakeholders to achieve our common purpose of industry growth.

HASG believes that solutions and progress are better achieved when “we come to the negotiating table to actively articulate the specific challenges and changes we want in the regulations. Our approach is to continue to engage, discuss, and negotiate until we reach an amicable resolution”

“We want to assure ADVAN that HASG values your input and remains committed to working together to find enduring solutions to the current issues. Let us continue to work collectively to build a sustainable and thriving marketing communications industry that will be positively referenced globally”, HASG said in its letter to ADVAN.