• Tuesday, July 23, 2024
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Diamond Bank launches new TV commercial


Diamond Bank Plc has launched an innovative television commercial (TVC), underlying its new image as “A New Bank.”

The 30-second commercial features Bovi, a popular Nigerian comedian, saving the day for some bank customers who are being frustrated by the poor quality of service from their banks, ingeniously referred to as “the bank down the road.” Dressed in Diamond Bank colours, Bovi addressed each complaint with a corresponding solution from Diamond Bank, and then advised the obviously relieved customer to make a switch, with the catchphrase: “You need a New Bank.”

The TVC opens with Bovi chancing upon a customer who was worried about issuing a cheque, presumably for goods bought from the store where the scene was shot. The customer complains about the huge COT and other bank charges for such a small service, as the salesman harangues him to write the cheque. Bovi walks up to them, presents the man with a Diamond Bank cheque book and advises: “If you’re not getting the best from your bank, you need a new bank.”

The next scene is at a restaurant. A disheartened lady is complaining over the phone that it appears one needs to know an insider in a bank to get a loan. Bovi intercepts her meal from the waiter, joins her at the table and presents her with a loan application leaflet. As he makes his exit with a flourish, he tells her: “If getting a loan from your bank isn’t simple, you need a new bank.”

The final scene is in an office. Bovi walks in with a mop stick and cleans his way to the table of an exasperated executive who is having challenges completing an online transaction. He sits down and smiles as the startled executive slams the laptop shut. Bovi empathizes with him, offers him a Diamond Bank debit card and advises: