• Wednesday, April 24, 2024
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Elias Nickolaos harps on three characteristics of positive work environment

Positive work environment

Countless studies have unearthed that the majority of today’s working population either hates its job or just gets by doing the bare minimum because most people feel uninspired and undervalued at their jobs.

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There are a number of things that cause such a feeling among employees, and unfortunately, most employers believe they don’t get paid as much as they should. Your employees can make or break your business and its relationship with your customers.

This is why Elias Nickolaos helps understand what constitutes job satisfaction for employees today.

Micromanaging your employees is one of the most off-putting things for them that Elias Nickolaos highly discourages. Elias Nickolaos explains that employees want to be trusted.

He says, “Believe in their expertise and allow them to develop their own work process.”

He adds, “Just because you’re paying someone, it doesn’t give you the right to watch their every move. When you trust your employees, they are more inclined to do a better job. If you hover over every activity, they’ll most likely leave for a better workplace.”

Growth and fulfillment
Employees want to experience growth and see themselves move forward in their careers and lives.

“Therefore, you need to create growth opportunities within your organization for employees who outgrow their current roles,” Nickolaos explains.

“If employees do their jobs but feel like they aren’t getting anywhere, they will leave in search of better growth opportunities,” he adds.

“Fulfillment is paramount. Workers want to know that they are contributing to the growth of the business and achieving their personal growth at the same time.”

Work culture

“Your workplace culture plays a huge role in employee satisfaction. People value connections, and if your culture makes people feel unimportant, they will carry this on to clients and customers.

“Employee connections with your business are important because modern-day workers don’t want to work in toxic environments. Therefore, invest in developing a positive and productive work culture without forcing it on your employees,” says Nikolaos.

Gone are the days when money meant everything. Today, people value personal fulfillment and happiness in their jobs more, just as Nickolaos suggests.