• Saturday, April 13, 2024
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Wellness hub Africa: Addressing mental wellness and well-being

Wellness hub Africa: Addressing mental wellness and well-being

According to WHO ( 2022), across the African Region, more than 116 million people were already estimated to be living with mental health conditions pre-pandemic.

Few people in Africa have access to quality mental health care. There is No Health without Mental Health! Mental Health is ”Our Biggest Wealth”

In Africa, many mental health conditions have received too little attention and concern by the general public, the general healthcare system, and elected and appointed public policymakers, resulting in inadequate priority being given to these disorders.

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It is therefore to address these concerns that The Wellness Hub Africa recently officially launched, drawing attention to the critical issue of mental wellness and well-being in Africa.

The highlight of the occasion was the introduction of the book titled ‘The Art of Self Mastery and Inner Stability.’

The primary objective of the book launch was to raise funds for The Wellness Hub Africa, a non-profit organization dedicated to supporting the mental wellness of Africans.

The event aimed to shed light on the escalating impact of mental distress and disorders within the African community, emphasizing the lack of encouragement and awareness surrounding these crucial conversations.

Attendees included Justice Mabel Seung Bello, Judge of The Federal High Court of Justice; Sam Obafemi, Founder/CEO of Cerca Africa; Dorothy Hirse; Sesi Toyin, Founder/CEO of The Wellness Hub Africa; Patience Olusuyi, Founder of The CEO’s Portal’s Limited; and Abioye Oke, Founder/CEO of The Lifestyle Assets Hub.

Sesi Toyin, the founder of The Wellness Hub Africa, a certified Cognitive Behavioral Therapist, and Integrative Attachment Theory Coach, expressed the organization’s mission to create awareness, educate, and provide relief for internal stressors, trauma, emotional pain, and grief among Africans.

Notably, the initiative’s first project focuses on addressing postpartum depression in women, providing wellness packages, grants, scholarships, and mentorship for their healing journey and personal financial growth certifications.

The event successfully united key figures in championing mental wellness, marking a significant step toward breaking the cultural stigma surrounding mental health disorders in Africa.