• Tuesday, July 23, 2024
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Lagos musings: Lessons from a danfo driver

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Danfo buses are yellow commercial buses found in every nook and cranny of Lagos, they serve a very crucial role in the daily lives of Lagosians. The buses are known to frequently transport approximately 16-18 passengers at different points during the day. They are an essential commodity in Lagos.

It is the “symbol” of Lagos if you ask me, apart from its distinct yellow color that immediately gives off its identity; it embodies everything that Lagos is; the rush to meet up with time, the admirable partnership between a driver and his trusted conductor, the stubbornness of the drivers, the uniqueness of each passenger that boards the great bus.
The Danfo bus is the most common means of transportation among Lagosians in the metropolis; it is also known as the place where most passengers have to put their hustle game-face on so as not to be cheated.

The Danfo bus driver is known to be one of the most aggressive people to ever grace Lagos roads. They are the most dreaded people to get into a fight with, be it as a passenger or as a fellow road user.

The Danfo bus driver knows everyhidden corner of Lagos, no one is more familiar than him when it comes to Lagos roads, all he demands from you is that you know where you are dropping off so that he can go on his way. A typical Danfo driver is dogged, determined and one of the early risers of Lagos metropolitan area. They are known to be at the very root of the best memories are Lagosian would have on the streets of Lagos.

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There are different aspects of the danfo driver being in his element that creep into the subconscious; the blaring horns, the altercations with fellow road users, the banter while telling a passenger to pay the exact money they owe, the aggressiveness while he uses the road that can only be likened to his identity of a danfo driver.
There are various types of passengers that board danfo buses yet, the typical driver has a way of handling them all alongside his trusted conductor.

From the danfo driver you can learn partnership, if you keep your mind open long enough; you just can learn that the driver and his conductor is a visual representation of “team work makes the dream work”, you can also learn how division of labor can get the most tedious of tasks done.

The grit, aggressiveness and dare-devil attitude of the danfo driver is something that can also be learned from; also, if you keep your mind open long enough to learn. The driver finds it easy to damn all consequences despite the threats of encountering LATSMA (Lagos State Traffic Management Authority).

That fearlessness is a trait we could use in our approach to situations in our day to day lives.
The Lagos danfo bus also has a mystery attached to it, such that there are some unique occurrences you would never experience unless you board a danfo bus. That mystery is how we should keep some aspects of our lives; hidden and not for everyone.