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A saint and a sinner

A saint and a sinner


This would be the worst Christmas holiday ever because I would be spending it away from my family. There was a considerable contract my company and another Blue Chip firm had been chasing for a long time, and the ‘powers that be chose the holiday season as the perfect time to give it to us. We had a short time to deliver on it, so everyone involved in the project’s execution was whisked to a resort out of town.

Fred was from the other company. I had seen him several times but tried hard not to pay him attention. He tried to be friendly, but I kept our conversations very formal. I was attracted to him, but something about him made my brain scream “run.” Unfortunately, I was going to be stuck with him for as long as the project lasted.

Fred was a handsome guy, but he looked every inch a player. I’d steal glances at him when I thought he wasn’t watching. His toned muscles rippled in his fitted shirts… evidence of long hours in the gym. I wondered how it would feel to run my fingers across his arms.

You could never catch him off guard with his dressing. He knew how to make the plain shirt and shorts look like he had just stepped out of a GQ magazine. And his perfume? Oh, my word! Fred walks into a room, and his fragrance announces his presence. He tickled my senses with his scent. I could sit down and watch him all day, and I won’t be bored.

He loved to flirt with the ladies, but it is evident that he was interested in me too. I thought it didn’t make sense to fool around with him while we worked together and then go our separate ways once the project was over. I don’t do flings. I’m not that type of girl. Fred looked like a one-night stand kind of person, and I certainly wasn’t going to be that with him.

Because we had worked hard, the Head of Projects suggested we take a break. He called it a few days to retire so we could return with enough vigor to refire. “Some time off wouldn’t harm us,” he said. It was an exciting idea. I saw adults react like a bunch of kids that were handed candy treats. They wanted to hang out at the local diner, but I chose to stay in. The home girl in me wanted to enjoy some “me time.”

I grabbed a pack of cookies and a drink and settled in front of the TV as Trevor Noah cracked my ribs on Comedy Central. I suddenly realized I wasn’t alone when I perceived that familiar Musk scent. He seemed surprised to see me.

“Hey Daniella, I thought you went out with the others.”

“No, I didn’t. ” I smirked, rolling my eyes.

“Why didn’t you go with them”?

“Naaah… Hanging out, drinking, not my thing. I’m a typical homeboy, I love to enjoy my ‘me time”.

His response almost threw me off the couch. He just echoed my thoughts. Was he in my head? This was creepy.

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“You don’t come across as a homeboy,” I threw at him.

“Really? He asked. “What kind of person do you think I am?”

I said the first words that came to my mind,

“I think you’re a flirt, a real bad boy.”

I could tell that he was disappointed by what I said, but he faked a smile and said, “you have the wrong impression about me, Daniella. I could be friends with the other girls, but it doesn’t mean I’ll mess around with any of them when I have eyes for only you”.

Well, not exactly what I was expecting him to say, now I was blushing and I hated myself for that.

Watching Comedy Central with him felt like watching a romantic movie under the blue sky with stars looking down on us. Fred oozed so much sex appeal, and I couldn’t resist when he leaned forward and kissed me, covering my lips with his. It was soft at first, but then he became persistent. His hand gripped the back of my head, bringing me closer for his hard passionate kiss; his fingers were doing things to my body as desire rippled through my abdomen. A passion I had been holding back took over my senses. I couldn’t stop myself. I wasn’t thinking anymore as Fred lifted me off the couch and took me to his bedroom. What happened afterward can best be described as magical. In the heat of the moment, I lost my mind and told Fred how I felt about him. After what happened, I didn’t know what to make of my relationship with him. I sneaked into my room before anyone could find out where I had been.

The next day and the days following were dreadful because Fred avoided me a plague. He didn’t even look at me. He acted as if nothing had transpired between us. He made me feel stupid and further confirmed my fears about him being a player. Fred had succeeded in making a fool of me. Everyone noticed how withdrawn I had become because I couldn’t concentrate or focus on my work anymore. I couldn’t wait to leave the resort with what was left of my pride and the pieces of my broken heart.

There was going to be a house party on our last night, and I overheard Fred mention that he was expecting a friend from town. When his friend arrived that evening, it was apparent that she came with a motive. She called me Danielle as if she knew me before. “Didn’t you attend The Bridge University?” She asked me

“No, I didn’t; that was my twin sister.

I could see Fred’s jaw drop.


I attended The Bridge University, where Jude and Tonia were my best friends. For some weird reason, Jude was attracted to Danielle, the saddest girl in school. I can’t remember if I ever said more than two words to her because I never liked her. It wasn’t long before she dumped Jude like hot potatoes. He became depressed and tried to commit suicide.

When I saw Danielle at Syscotech, I remembered what she did to my friend, and I decided to get back at her. I saw how she looked at me, and I knew she fancied me. I had a bait ready, and I was going to get my pound of flesh. Good thing she didn’t recognize me because that made my work even more accessible.

Danielle was a sweet person. But why did she have to be such a bitch in school? If the circumstances were different, I would have loved to date her, but I wasn’t going to fall for her charm and get my heart broken like my friend. Revenge was on my mind.
I informed Tonia about the whole Danielle situation, and she came to the resort to see the evil Danielle for herself. Little did I know that my plan would boomerang.

Now Tonia has told Daniella the whole story, and she is distraught.

I’m at the house party now, and she isn’t here. I hear she left the resort already. I messed up big time. How do I redeem myself?
What am I going to do?