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Looking for an escape this festive season…

Looking for an escape this festive season…

Once again, it is that time of the year when one, family or friends need to get out of town or look for a memorable escape. Considering the high exchange rate, high airfare and exorbitant accommodation in foreign destinations, it is time to look inwards.

Also, the pandemic is still lingering with impact, calling for more health and safety concerns, amid additional costs on travel through several tests for Covid-19. These challenges are reasons to patronize home-groomed destinations this festive season.

If you usually get out of the country to foreign destinations for your festive holiday, you should have a rethink because there are some nice local destinations to explore this festive season.

As long as your expectations are moderate, you will get the most experience while being hosted in some of these destinations.

If you are within Lagos, I recommend Inagbe Grand Resort and Leisure; it is relatively new, sparkling, inviting and exclusive. Set in-between the Lagos Lagoon and the Atlantic Ocean, the resort offers a rustic living in a lush island haven, resonating air of simple luxury and refined elegance that makes it an ideal family escape this festive season.

There, you are in your own world, do things your own way, with Mother Nature as the only witness. There are many accommodation options, games, facilities and most importantly, nature to enjoy-all at pocket-friendly rates. Still in Lagos, La Campagne Tropicana Beach Resort, Ilashe, and Epe Resort also have exclusive offerings.

If you are outside Lagos, Nike Lake Resort in Enugu is one place that is evergreen because of the pristine environment and therapeutic impact of the natural lake resort. A few metres to the resort, you will behold with great awe the natural lake stretching over three kilometres with its incredible and rare aquatic population.

The resort offers 210 well-appointed and tastefully furnished rooms and suites, suitable for all taste and budgets. You can enjoy a ride on the lake with trained boat riders, or if you are more daring, you can join the local fishermen. Pictures taken afterwards will tell the story of how much you enjoyed the Christmas escape.

If you are a golfer or lover of the rich sport, there are quality golf destinations to take your family, spouse or friends to this festive season.

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The foremost of them is the Ibom Golf Hotel and Resort. Life is different and lovely there. The greenness and friendliness of everything around the gold resort will aid a memorable Christmas escape. It will be more fun trying to practise golf just for the sake of pictures, or holding the paddle in pretense of riding a boat at the Nwaniba River in the resort.

There is an expanse of lush vegetation, top-range of accommodation, set out lounge, private balconies and whatever you want for an escape this festive season at the resort.

Another golf destination is Smokin Hills Golf Resort, an emerging destination for golf enthusiasts and nature lovers in Ilara Mokin, Ondo State. On a visit, guests discover beyond the reasons why the resort is ‘smoking’ with leisure.

The resort is set on 140 acres of virgin land carved out of surrounding jungle and rolling hills that emit smoke early in the morning and also at dawn.

If you want excitement in the northern part of the country, then visit the Fifth Chukker. It is an upscale lifestyle oasis of family fun, recreation, polo and culture that spreads across 2000 hectares in the outskirts of Kaduna. On offer in the resort are 100 rooms, consisting of 3-bedroom duplexes, 2- bedroom villas and 1- bedroom lodges.

But if you are a spa fan, then I suggest that your hubby or lover should take you to Clear Essence California Spa and Wellness Resort. From its outside on #13 Alexander Street, Ikoyi, the foremost spa and accommodation outfit does not tell its true worth. Inside is a different story as the garden full of rare flowers and well-trimmed grass lawn oozes out freshness.

But the prime offering is the spa, managed by trained Balinese therapists. The therapists use their talents to send you into a journey away from reality, and that may just be a perfect gift for your loved one this festive season.

The spa offers 10 treatment rooms – a dipping pool, scented steam showers, sauna, a fitness centre with state-of-the-art gym equipment and certified personnel to ensure personalized spa experience.

Families that love nature can also try Ikogosi Warm Spring Resort, Obudu Mountain Resort, among others.

But if you cannot afford any of these places or you are too far from any of these choice places, then try something within. There is always something within; all you need to do is to see them with new eyes. Do that and your Christmas and New Year celebrations will be memorable. However, health and safety should be your priorities as the pandemic is still very much around; whether fully vaccinated or not.