• Sunday, July 14, 2024
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Poland demands $1.3 trillion from Germany for WWII invasion

Poland demands $1.3 trillion from Germany for WWII invasion

Poland has asked Germany to pay 6.2 trillion zloyts equivalent to $1.3 trillion for damages incurred during the invasion by the Germans in WWII, reports via Reuters.

This was made known in Warsaw, the country’s capital on Thursday by Poland’s ruling nationalist party.

Poland, whose biggest trade partner is Germany and also an EU and NATO ally, made its demand known even after Germany claims that it has settled all financial issues connected with World War Two.

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Poland in 2019 initially estimated its claim to be $850 billion by the country’s ruling party lawmakers. The party has repeatedly called for reparations on several occasions since it took over power in 2015 which has continuously diminished Poland’s relationship with Berlin, the German capital.

There has been no official response from Germany pertaining to Poland’s ruling party request.