• Sunday, July 21, 2024
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Causes of Gambling Addiction Among Nigerian Youths

Africa is a young gambling market which has been rapidly developing in recent years. With all the advantageous features of online casinos, they still create particular challenges that have yet to be resolved. Compulsive gaming is the primary industry problem in Nigeria that mostly targets the younger generation. The thing is, this population is more excited with digital technologies and likely to explore novelties appearing in the iGaming market.

The Rising Problem of Compulsive Gambling in Nigeria

Gaming-related disorders usually target vulnerable population layers who are more prone to addictions and other mental health issues. The gambling sector is quickly evolving in Nigeria, and the legit basis is not as fast. The thing is, the industry is allowed and regulated in the country, but the government implies minimum limitations for operators and players. Therefore, users can join both domestic and overseas platforms, and not all of them provide the necessary consumer protection.

UK-based gambling companies are accessible globally, so Nigerian users can also register there. These casinos offer GamStop self-exclusion, aiming to prevent gaming addiction or cope with its consequences. This tool is helpful for compulsive players, but it covers a small number of platforms. Instead, websites that offer non GamStop sports bets in the UK are prevalent in the state, and they are also safe, trusted, and reliable. Many gaming operators educate Nigerian young players on potential dangers and provide mechanisms for avoiding related problems. Moreover, they provide access to helplines and support groups where gamblers can receive qualified assistance and guidance on developing healthy habits.

However, the addiction rate in the country continues to grow, and there are multiple reasons behind that. According to reports, the problem gaming percentage ranges from 1% to 8% in Nigeria, and there’s no precise data on this point. Moreover, up to 15% of those engaged in iGaming are at risk of disorder development. What are the reasons behind such high figures?

Gambling for Financial Gain

Casino addiction is more widespread among people with low incomes. Nigeria is a developing country, so poverty and a bad economic climate are the primary factors affecting the population. Unemployment is also a reason for youngsters searching for quick revenue, and in this case, they often opt for online casinos and betting. However, these pastimes are primarily entertainment and not a source of income.

The Inability to Make Well-Thought-Out Decisions

Younger adults often underdeveloped logic centres and cannot make healthy choices when it comes to gambling. Nigerian youngsters often search for attractive entertainment options without evaluating risks and thinking about possible negative consequences. As a result, they are unable to stop in time, which can result in gambling-related problems. Instead, users must limit their time and budgets in online casinos and always keep an eye on their bankrolls.

Lack of Regulatory Basis

While gambling is controlled in Nigeria, the government still doesn’t cover many grey areas in terms of casinos’ operations. Therefore, the country’s residents usually have freedom in iGaming. High accessibility and lack of regulations are another cause for young individuals overspending cash in the digital gaming sector, which leads to significant mental health disorders that require treatment.

A Massive Choice of Unregulated Casinos

Platforms operating under the control of local and overseas regulators must ensure compliance with KYC policies and conduct customer verification. However, there are still many illegal Nigerian online casinos that don’t stick to this requirement. In this case, underage individuals or youngsters suffering from gaming problems can join the site with a few clicks and continue gambling. Such behaviours may worsen their condition and lead to more severe disorders in the future.

Ways to Stop the Growing Rate of Nigerian Youngsters Addiction

Many would say that restricting online casinos in the country is a viable solution for this problem. However, gambling forms a significant part of Nigeria’s budget revenue that comes from taxes. Therefore, providing stricter regulations is the most effective option. Currently, only licensed operators can provide iGaming services to the state’s residents, but this legislation still has loopholes. The government and controlling authorities must fully regulate the sector and provide requirements for all casinos, especially those targeting youngsters.

Importance of Customer Awareness

Promotional campaigns aiming to inform users about the possible dangers and risks of uncontrolled gambling are common globally, and Nigeria should also take this as an example. The need to educate the younger generation about safer gaming approaches and means to prevent possible disorders is critical in 2024. Multiple initiatives are raised by licensing authorities and operators registered in different countries, while casino companies using this tool must also target Nigerian risk hunters.

The Final Word

The growing concern about the increased rates of gambling addiction among Nigerian youngsters calls for the need to create more detailed legislation and more requirements for customers. Currently, the iGaming market is rapidly developing, providing users with accessibility and flexibility to bet on the richest footballers or other sportsmen. These points raise additional problems – in line with low socioeconomic evolution, poverty, and lack of education, they provoke addictions among the most vulnerable individuals. Responsible authorities must immediately initiate measures to increase customer awareness about the problem and create mechanisms for controlling gambling behaviours among the younger generation.