• Saturday, June 15, 2024
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TwinsCustom unveils CX series

TwinsCustom unveils CX series

TwinsCustom, a Nigerian manufacturer of automobiles has unveiled its TwinsCustom CX series of vehicles; CX7, CX6, and CX5 at an event in Lagos.

Twinkle Oruwariye, CEO of TwinsCustom, who said the unveiling of the vehicles has been an ongoing project for six years, noted that the first 3 years were for research and development, and the last 3 years were for the production of the vehicles. “Each vehicle took one year, and we did them simultaneously. This is a breath of fresh air in the automobile industry,” Oruwariye said.

TwinCustom CX Vehicles contain 23 locally sourced materials with which all body parts were manufactured in Nigeria.

“I did 80 percent of the work himself and the components of the vehicles cannot be found anywhere in any car model as they are manufactured in Nigeria, but they have international patents,” he said.

Alan Davies, Australia’s Honorary Consul to Nigeria, who also expressed excitement over the new vehicles, said “I’m very excited, because I know Twinkle has been working on this for a very long time, I think it will be fantastic because a lot of people love customized cars and he has tremendous skills producing high quality cars so they should do very well.”

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TwinCustom CX Vehicles has the invention of the Automated Ventilation Control System (AVCS). It’s a semi automated system that changes the air in the car automatically and prevents cancer from getting into one’s vehicle.

“When people get cancer, they don’t know where they got it from, some get it from their car, but with the TwinsCustoms semi automated interior air replacement system, hot air inside the vehicle is replaced by first manually winding down the windows before turning on the AC, after which 1-3 minutes all windows are automatically wound up by the TwinsCustom AVCS, promoting drivers safety to be focused on the road,” he said.

It has features of a mini bar with 2 champagne glass flutes, automatic safety driver rear view mirror control system, design and fabrication of ceiling CX login disappearing display using shooting stars, design and fabrication of electronic circuit board, customized Italian leather board, 4 birds eye view camera system, latest Android DVD navigation system, reverse camera, keyless entry remote start, onboard First Aid kit,front and side mirror, DRL front bumper light,amongst others.

“The next invention we are looking at is making vehicles only for women, men can’t buy it, it’s only for women. It’s our concept,” Oruwariye said.