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Minister, commissioners in visit to Jet Motor Plant advocate Nigerian Brands

Minister, commissioners in visit to Jet Motor Plant advocate Nigerian Brands

Clem Agba, minister of State for Budget and National Planning, has urged Nigerians to give up the belief that imported products are superior to locally produced ones. This was disclosed following his visit to the Jet Systems Automobile Industries Ltd. assembly plant in Gbogije, along the Lekki-Epe Expressway in Lagos State.

Agba, who according to a press release following the visit, was accompanied by 26 commissioners of Budget and Economic Development of various states, noted that domestic brands provide the nation many perks in addition to better quality.

“A journey of a thousand miles starts with a step and with what I see here and what is happening in other places across Nigeria, we only need publicity and encouragement so that Nigerians begin to accept made in Nigeria products because we tend to think products made outside the country are superior and that mindset has to change,” Agba said

Agba stated his belief that the Jet Motor brand and others across the length and breadth of Nigeria were charting a new cause in the emerging vehicle assemblage industry. Following the facility tour, it featured the display of the Jet Mover Electric Van and the DC fast charging station.

He also noted during the Facility Tour that the assemblage of Jet Motor vehicles which is done by local engineers is encouraging because it helps in technology transfer, human capital development in terms of employment which boosts the economy because there will be less importation.

“It is in line with the Executive Bill signed by President Muhammadu Buhari to promote local content; what this means is that Nigerians are creating employment for Nigerians and as we create employment, we are invariably dealing with the issue of poverty reduction,” Agba said.

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“This is very much in line with the vision of the present administration and also in line with the Nation Development Plan 2021-2025,” Agba added

The Minister also noted that despite the non implementation of the National Automotive Industry Development Plan (NAIDP) of 2014 which discourages the importation of fully built vehicles in Nigeria and encourages local assemblers, the industry is still thriving.

Agba also disagreed, when asked during the Facility Tour that a lack of incentive is discouraging many who have invested billions in the automobile assemblage industry.

“I disagree with that notion that there is a lack of incentive; the duty rate required for the assemblage of SKDs is much lower compared to what is required to pay for a fully assembled vehicle; meaning, if you were to continue to a CKD, the duty fee is even higher. The incentive for an SKD is higher because it is expected that there will be more value here in terms of creating job opportunities.”

While reacting to the visit of the Minister, Wemimo Osanipin, Chief Operating Officer (COO) of Jet Systems Automobile Ltd expressed the company’s appreciation of his gesture.

“The visit of the Minister of State for Budget and National Planning means a lot to us; it means that the government recognises what we are doing. The visit serves as an incentive for us to do more by means of further investment in the economy.”

Osanipin also highlighted some unique features of the Jet brand and why it is a travellers choice.

“The Jet Mover offers unique features. The first is the passenger bus, cargo bus, ambulance, the electric passenger bus and the electric cargo bus. These are the brands we have on offer,” Osanipin added.

“You can get passenger buses here and there but ours is unique; first and foremost our buses have a whole lot of room in terms of size and height. The Jet brand has enough head room as any passenger can walk inside the bus without bending,” Osanipin said.

“The seats are also constructed in a way that it is high and you can stretch your leg because there is enough leg room. There is also the gang which starts from the door to the extreme end of the bus which only has three seats while also creating enough space for luggage,” further said.