• Thursday, April 25, 2024
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Ford Trucks’ zero emissions plan to be unveiled at 2022 IAA

Ford Trucks’ zero emissions plan to be unveiled at 2022 IAA

Ford Trucks, the company’s sole heavy commercial vehicle global brand, will be presenting its current position on emissions at the 2022 IAA Transportation fair.

The event, which has been dubbed the world’s largest trade show for mobility, transport, and logistics, will be held from September 20 to 25, 2022 in Hannover. It will see revelations on Ford’s path to zero-emission technologies and innovations that will help it stand out from the competition on a global scale as a player in production, design, and product development.

“As an innovative brand that has the purpose of ‘to be the road mate that cares about customers and makes their businesses thrive’, we focus on the future and prioritize R&D efforts on bringing next-generation technologies to the market,” Serhan Turfan, vice president at Ford Trucks said. “The transition of heavy commercial vehicles to zero emissions is critical for a sustainable future. Therefore, our objective is mainly to contribute to reducing operating costs and CO2 emissions in road transport while increasing fleet productivity.”

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The company also says it will showcase the international award-winning F-MAX and present its roadmap for CO2-neutral transportation solutions, as well as new specifications and features, bringing connected mobility technologies to Ford Trucks customers and enhancing convenience and productivity.

“We look forward to presenting our innovations in line with our zero emission mission and new connectivity technologies that will thrive our customers’ businesses,” Turfan added.

Ford Trucks will advance the state of new generation technologies it has reached in 2022 IAA Transportation with its new product variants, updated services, and technologies, as well as its current product range, launched in more than 40 countries, building on more than 50 years of experience and dynamic product development in the field of heavy trucks.

Ford Trucks is marketed in Nigeria by Coscharis Motors Plc, a leading automobile dealership in the country.