Despite caveats, restyled Hilux still upscale

… With concerns on safety features, pricing among markets

Nigeria is a strong market to all types of pick-up trucks because of the utility value it brings to the users and especially for government institutions, those doing commercial businesses and those in constructive and engineering sites irrespective of the brand name and country of manufacture.

For many years, the Toyota Hilux has continued to dominate the local market space despite strong stiff competition from other competing brands. Such rivalry has at some point seen the market share of Toyota Hilux drop significantly and the number of units sold fallen behind other rivals.

However, the Japanese automaker is not relenting in holding to its prime position as the global leader in the automotive business following the debut of he 2021 Toyota Hilux despite the threat of the coronavirus pandemic in 2020.

Toyota Hilux is among the best off-road vehicles in the world. The newest model is out, though not yet in Nigeria, but a very crucial question begging for an answer is that, is this truck really the total package or are there some drawbacks.

While the biggest drawback for many Toyota freaks people is the fact, that the Hilux is not available in Nigeria, but beyond availability, there are a few things that industry critics knock the truck for.

Recent scrutiny from industry experts indicates that, the engine options in the truck which is yet to arrive the local market have not changed much. However, Toyota has added a little more power to both engine options.

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Although the advantages outweigh the disadvantages of this new model, pricing and safety scores are the most notable drawbacks in some countries and Nigeria where the exchange rate of the local currency to the dollar is not an exception.

This is what most Nigerian dealerships must as a matter of proactive measure and strategic thinking tackle if they are to remain in business especially in the face of the coronavirus impact which has impacted businesses negatively.

Let’s explore these complaints a little more thoroughly. In terms of average safety ratings, there are a few safety caveats associated with the newest Hilux. Gaining only three-star ratings from the European New Car Assessment Program (ENCAP), the front impact protection of the pickup’s driver-side leaves room for improvement.

Furthermore, the pedestrian and safety assist systems got a low rating. Despite having a full range of electronic braking and traction- control technologies, a reversing camera, emergency stop signal, seven SRS airbags, and seat belt reminders for all the car seats, safety remains a significant concern.

Despite the lapses highlighted in the retooled Hilux which is expected to arrive into the various regional markets including Nigeria, there are lots of positives to take away from the new Toyota Hilux 2021 edition which would also serve a reference point to others.

As mentioned above, this truck has excellent off- road capabilities, thanks in part to the addition of a brand- new automatic electronic control that delivers improved traction and acceleration on low-grip surfaces.

Another thing to love about the truck is the excellent city driving where the Toyota Hilux offers exemplary performance, whether on good roads, in the city or in the actual jungle. Its enhanced suppression system provides it with the required firmness and stability.

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