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5 oldest long-distance road transport companies in Nigeria

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Transporting people and goods with the help of animals like horses, camels, and others has a long history. Goods were replaced by carts that still hung from the animal’s body, as knowledge and new innovations advanced and were put to use; later came trucks, and now buses. More comfortable and opulent buses are now available for long-distance travel, with the goal of making the trip worthwhile and as stress-free as possible.

In Nigeria, road travel is a crucial component of transportation because it serves as the main connection between rural and urban areas. For the time being, road transit is still the most practical, affordable, and popular form of transportation in the nation.

Nigeria, a nation with more than 200 million inhabitants, can be seen as a significant market for any type of business, including the road transportation industry. Road transportation has come to be acknowledged as the most common and readily available mode of transportation in Nigeria over time.

It is nearly impossible for a traveller to run into difficulties attempting to find a transport company that services their planned trip destination because there are several registered transport firms operating across the board in Nigeria, and many more are opening up annually.

Here are five of the oldest long-distance road transport companies in Nigeria:

1. Young Shall Grow Motors

Established in 1972 and still in operation across all sections of Nigeria including some West African routes such as Ghana, Benin Republic, etc., it is headquartered at Mazamaza, Lagos state, with outlets in 15 major cities in Nigeria.

Popularly known for long-distance trips, YSGM has in its fleet over 500 buses (luxurious and Shuttle) to suit customers’ desires and customers can process their tickets either at the parks or online. Young Shall Grow also has a courier service covering major cities across Nigeria.

2. GUO transport

A subsidiary of G. U. Okeke & Sons Limited, GUO Transport was established in 1980. They are among the biggest and oldest transport businesses in Nigeria. Its corporate headquarters is at KM3 Badagry, Express Way, Lagos State. With over 20 locations around Nigeria, GUO has both luxurious and shuttle buses in its fleets that are used for both long-distance and local journeys.

They are well known for accommodating individuals from all socioeconomic backgrounds by developing a fair pricing structure based on the type of bus the client chooses, and they come highly recommended for their regularly scheduled passenger services and strict timekeeping.

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3. ABC transport

Established in 1993, ABC transport is present in more than 30 major cities throughout Nigeria and West Africa with headquarters in Owerri. They have different categories for their services, including executive express, shuttle services, coach West Africa, cargo express, etc.

Customers can make reservations easily by using their website, email, or a third-party system. All of their locations accept walk-in reservations.

It is popular for its discounts for children, young people, youth corps members and students. Customers who have used ABC Transport for more than 11 trips are eligible for free tickets.

4. Peace Mass Transport

The 1995-founded Peace Mass Transport (PMT) is based in the state of Enugu, operating across Nigeria’s major cities. Peace Mass Transport, a division of Peace Group NG, conducts both long- and short-distance journeys.

PMT is well renowned for its reasonable pricing structure without compromising the calibre of the services provided. Customers who intend to purchase tickets online can do so using the company’s official website or a third-party booking platform.

5. God Is Good Motors

God is Good Motors also known as GIGM was founded in 1998 and has its headquarters in Benin City, Edo State. Operating in over 10 states with 29 terminals across the country, GIGM has consistently been ranked as one of the best road transport companies in Nigeria.

Widely recognized as the first road transport company in Nigeria to have an official website that enables Electronic ticketing and cargo Monitoring, GIGM is reputed for ensuring customer satisfaction is guaranteed with a 24 hours online customer support team.

God Is Good Motors is the parent company of GIG Logistics, offering shipment tracking services, Corporate Courier Services, domestic courier solutions, International Courier Services, and eCommerce Logistics Services via their official website and mobile applications.