• Thursday, July 18, 2024
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Top 50 Digital Economy Enablers to provide ecosystem roadmap

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Organisers of the Top 50 Digital Economy Enablers 2023 said the event will provide a new roadmap for the future of the information technology and communication ecosystem.

The event which is slated to hold on 14 February 2023, was inspired by the need to express both the challenges and the iconic actors that have emerged to drive Africa’s fastest-growing digital economy, the continent’s major tech-biz publication, published since 2007.

IT Edge News Africa and its partners that are organising the event said the focus will be on Nigeria’s leading lights referencing Nigeria’s Top 50 Digital Economy Enablers at an Industry colloquium and award ceremony this February just before the country goes to the poll to elect new political leaders.

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Sola Afolabi, Project Team lead, describes the event as a platform for industry recognition, stock-taking, and insights with a view to providing a guide as to what direction Nigeria’s entire spectrum of ICT ecosystem will take as the transition for a new government begins.

“This event is driven by a collaboration of stakeholders within and outside the media to ensure a wide, and more inclusive selection of the sector’s leading lights as well as to offer a broader understanding of the challenges and the inspirations that drive Africa’s largest ICT market. Event partners include TechEconomy; ITPulse; TechandBiz.com; and TechTV (NTA),” said Afolabi.

Apart from rewarding the top 50 executive enablers, Nigeria’s Top 50 Digital Economy Enablers team will also recognise the efforts of certain members of management in helping to drive the agenda of their organisations’ at advancing Nigeria’s digital economy agenda.