• Saturday, May 18, 2024
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Tek Experts eyes 2000 new tech talents to meet surging demand

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Tek Experts, a technology and deep technical support services provider is planning to double its tech talents currently at 2000 personnel. The company also said it will expand its presence in Nigeria and other markets in Africa.

Tek Experts, which African footprints include Nigeria and Rwanda, said it is seeing an increase in demand for software talents locally and across the globe. To meet up with demand, the company also commenced 24/7 services in Nigeria.

The 2000 talent in Nigeria is approximately 40 percent of the total number the company has across the world. Doubling the figure will bring the total number of talents in Nigeria alone to 4000.

Tek Experts is a subsidiary of the YNV Group, based in Nicosia, Cyprus. Tek Experts delivers technical talent solutions for enterprises – driving value through exceptional customer experiences. It opened its Nigerian office in 2018 with 200 tech talents.

“Before we came everyone was scared of providing technical support but we came in 2018 and we started providing deep technical support,” said Olugbolahan Olusanya, country manager, Tek Experts Nigeria.

The business in Nigeria has grown to include other services like elev8, focused on mass skills acquisition, and Cytek, focused on cyber security. Tek Experts said the aim is to revolutionise and impact the Nigerian IT market by bridging the tech talent and digital skills gaps whilst creating more comprehensive end-to-end IT talent solutions to meet the needs of businesses of all sizes.

The surge in demand is a result of a huge talent gap which companies adopting digital technology currently face. Research by SAP shows that 80 percent of Nigerian companies expect to experience a skills gap in the next year. A wave of young talents also leaving the country in search of greener pastures abroad, has also not helped matters. Many Nigerian banks have seen almost 90 percent of IT talents leave the country. Olusanya describes it as a “major blocker” for these banks’ and businesses’ growth.

New research by Tunga, also shows that Nigeria with its huge population does not occupy the top position in software developers’ talent sourcing. South Africa leads the continent with 133,195 talent, Egypt is second with 125,270, and Nigeria is third with 114,536 software developers talent.

“We are committed to helping Nigerians develop the skills they need to succeed in the global workforce. Elev8 partners with the government, enterprises, and universities to provide unique opportunities for Nigerians to gain the skills and experience they need to begin and grow their careers in the tech industry. By having Tek Experts, elev8, and Cytek under the YNV Tech Talent brand, we can seamlessly help businesses bridge the gap between talent and opportunity, skill the current workforce and provide solutions to protect from cyberattacks,” he said.

Establishing elev8 was due to a gap in mass skilling which the company spotted at a point it needed to hire and train 200 people. With the birth of elev8, the company also discovered that many companies and even countries also had the same challenge. This has now opened opportunities in not just Nigeria but also in Qatar and Dubai where the company is now training about 70,000 people.

Cytek has also grown to consist of 180 cybersecurity experts. The company said it closed 14,000 security cases in 2022 alone.

Apart from elev8 and Cytek, the company now operates Talentwise, a talent management solution where every employee is passed through a management journey. It is the company’s response to the migration wave and high attrition companies experience. With Talentwise, the employees are able to build a career within the organisation