• Wednesday, December 06, 2023
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Ericsson urges deeper connectivity to grow digitisation in Nigeria

Ericsson urges deeper connectivity to grow digitisation in Nigeria

Ericsson, a multinational provider of communications technology and services company has reaffirmed its commitment to Africa by concluding its leadership-led delegation engagement with key partners, customers, country stakeholders, and industry leaders in Nigeria.

The visit is in line with Ericsson’s dedication to harnessing the power of connectivity and technology to drive digitalization across the continent and support sustainable development and economic progress.

According to Ericsson, current engagements in Africa’s Information and Communications Technology (ICT) landscape gave crucial updates on its #AfricaInMotion campaign.

The leadership delegation engaged in fruitful discussions with Nigeria’s communication service providers, stakeholders, and policymakers on pivotal topics in the nation’s communication industry. As part of the discussions, Ericsson highlighted the critical role that connectivity plays in advancing the digital agenda of the country, as well as the potential of 5G, cloud computing, and Industry 4.0 technologies.

The discussions also touched on how Ericsson’s plethora of industry-leading solutions can help drive innovation across various sectors, meet the ever-evolving needs of the country, and strengthen collaborations and discourse on cutting-edge solutions to advance Nigeria’s digital revolution.

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Ericsson has a longstanding history with Nigeria and remains a key partner driving the country’s digitalization ambitions. In collaboration with its partners.

The company is powering the country’s digital transformation journey by providing the latest innovative technologies like 5G, enabling financial inclusion with the Ericsson Wallet Platform, and empowering young talents under the Ericsson Graduate Program and the Ericsson Innovation Awards.

Nigeria is a key participant in the Ericsson Innovation Awards, an initiative aimed at nurturing the skills and creativity of young talent across the globe; Team Schrodinger Energy won third place in the Ericsson Innovation Awards (EIA) 2022 competition.

In addition, Ericsson is committed to leveraging innovation and technology leadership to accelerate the sustainable, social, and economic development of Africa. Ericsson aims to increase collaboration with local communication service providers to bolster the accessibility and utilization of telecommunications technologies to contribute to Nigeria’s economic growth.