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Women’s World Cup 2023 schedule

The women’s world cup starts on 20 July 2023, with the opening match between hosts New Zealand and Norway.

Nigeria plays in  Group B alongside  Australia, the Republic of Ireland, Nigeria and Olympic winners Canada.

The knockout stages begin on 5 August, while the tournament’s final match in Sydney is on 20 August.

What are the groups?

The women’s world cup groups are:

Group A: New Zealand, Norway, Philippines, Switzerland

Group B: Australia, Republic of Ireland, Nigeria, Canada

Group C: Spain, Costa Rica, Zambia, Japan

Group D: England, Haiti, Denmark, China

Group E: United States, Vietnam, Netherlands, Portugal

Group F: France, Jamaica, Brazil, Panama

Group G: Sweden, South Africa, Italy, Argentina

Group H: Germany, Morocco, Colombia, South Korea

Group stage:

The women’s world cup group stage matches are:
Thursday 20 July

Group A: New Zealand – Norway

Group B: Australia – Republic of Ireland (11:00, Sydney)

Friday 21 July

Group B: Nigeria -Canada (03:30, Melbourne)

Group A: Philippines – Switzerland (06:00, Dunedin)

Group C: Spain – Costa Rica (08:30, Wellington)

Saturday 22 July

Group E: USA -Vietnam (02:00, Auckland)

Group C: Zambia – Japan (08:00 Hamilton)

Group D: England – Haiti (10:30, Brisbane)

Group D: Denmark – China (13:00, Perth)

Sunday 23 July

Group G: Sweden vs South Africa (06:00, Wellington)

Group E: Netherlands vs Portugal (08:30, Dunedin)

Group F: France vs Jamaica (11:00, Sydney)

Monday 24 July

Group G: Italy vs Argentina (07:00, Auckland)

Group H: Germany vs Morocco (09:30, Melbourne)

Group F: Brazil vs Panama (12:00, Adelaide)

Tuesday 25 July

Group H: Colombia vs Korea Republic (03:00, Sydney)

Group A: New Zealand vs Philippines (06:30, Dunedin)

Group A: Switzerland vs Norway (09:00, Hamilton)

Wednesday 26 July

Group C: Japan vs Costa Rica (06:00, Dunedin)

Group C: Spain vs Zambia (08:30, Auckland)

Group B: Canada vs Republic of Ireland (13:00, Perth)

Thursday 27 July

Group E: USA vs Netherlands (02:00, Wellington)

Group E: Portugal vs Vietnam (08:30, Hamilton)

Group B: Australia vs Nigeria (11:00, Brisbane)

Friday 28 July

Group G: Argentina vs South Africa (01:00, Dunedin)

Group D: England vs Denmark (09:30, Sydney)

Group D: China vs Haiti (12:00, Adelaide)

Saturday 29 July

Group G: Sweden vs Italy (08:30, Wellington)

Group F: France vs Brazil (11:00, Brisbane)

Group F: Panama vs Jamaica (13:30, Perth)

Sunday 30 July

Group H: Korea Republic vs Morocco (05:30, Adelaide)

Group A: Norway vs Philippines (08:00, Auckland)

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Group A: Switzerland vs New Zealand (08:00, Dunedin)

Group H: Germany vs Colombia (10:30, Sydney)

Monday 31 July

Group C: Costa Rica vs Zambia (08:00, Hamilton)

Group C: Japan vs Spain (08:00, Wellington)

Group B: Ireland vs Nigeria (11:00, Brisbane)

Group B: Canada vs Australia (11:00, Melbourne)

Tuesday 1 August

Group E: Vietnam vs Netherlands (08:00, Dunedin)

Group E: Portugal vs USA (08:00, Auckland)

Group D: Haiti vs Denmark (12:00, Perth)

Group D: China vs England (12:00, Adelaide)

Wednesday 2 August

Group G: South Africa vs Italy (08:00, Wellington)

Group G: Argentina vs Sweden (08:00, Hamilton)

Group F: Jamaica vs Brazil (11:00, Melbourne)

Group F: Panama vs France (11:00, Sydney)

Thursday 3 August

Group H: Korea Republic vs Germany (11:00, Brisbane)

Group H: Morocco vs Colombia (11:00, Perth)

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Knockout stages:

The women’s world cup knock out stages are:
Saturday 5 August

Match 49: Winners Group A vs Runners-up Group C (06:00, Auckland)

Match 50: Winners Group C vs Runners-up A (09:00, Wellington)

Sunday 6 August

Match 51: Winners Group E vs Runners-up Group G (03:00, Sydney)

Match 52: Winners Group G vs Runners-up Group E (10:00, Melbourne)

Monday 7 August

Match 54: Winners Group D vs Runners-up Group B (08:30, Brisbane)

Match 53: Winners Group B vs Runners-up Group D (11:30, Sydney)

Tuesday 8 August

Match 56: Winners Group H vs Runners-up Group F (09:00, Melbourne)

Match 55: Winners Group F vs Runners-up Group H (12:00, Adelaide)

Friday 11 August

QF1: Winner Match 49 vs Winner Match 51 (02:00, Wellington)

QF2: Winner Match 50 vs Winner Match 52 (08:30, Auckland)

Saturday 12 August

QF3: Winner Match 53 vs Winner Match 55 (08:00, Brisbane)

QF4: Winner Match 54 vs Winner Match 56 (11:30, Sydney)

Tuesday 15 August

SF1: Winner QF1 vs Winner QF 2 (09:00, Auckland)

Wednesday 16 August

SF2: Winner QF3 vs Winner QF4 (11:00, Sydney)

Saturday 19 August

3rd place play-off: Loser SF1 vs Loser SF2 (09:00, Brisbane)

Sunday 20 August

Final: Winner SF1 vs Winner SF2 (11:00, Sydney)

Match venues

The women’s world cup match venues include:
Sydney (Stadium Australia, 83,500)

Sydney (Sydney Football Stadium, 42,512)

Brisbane (Lang Park, 52,263)

Melbourne (Melbourne Rectangular Stadium, 30,000)

Perth (Perth Rectangular Stadium, 22,225)

Adelaide (Hindmarsh Stadium, 16,500)

New Zealand
Auckland (Eden Park, 48,276)

Wellington (Wellington Regional Stadium, 39,000)