• Thursday, July 18, 2024
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What to know about European Super League format


Following the European Court of Justice’s landmark ruling on Thursday stopping football ruling bodies UEFA and FIFA from banning the staging of the European Super League, A22 Sports, the company behind the potential European Super League relaunch, has proposed a new competition format.

According to a statement released by A22 Sports Management on Thursday, the new European Super League format will feature 64 men’s and 32 women’s teams playing midweek matches in a league system across Europe.

The 64 men’s league will be broken down into three leagues; Star, Gold and Blue. The Star and Gold Leagues will have 16 clubs each while the Blue League has 32 clubs.

Teams will play home and away in groups of eight, which would mean a minimum of 14 matches a year. There will be annual promotion and relegation between leagues while teams can qualify for the Blue League based on domestic league performance.

The women’s competition will commence with the Star and Gold Leagues of 16 clubs each.

Bernd Reichart, the CEO of A22 Sports Management, highlighted the importance of such a competition.

“Our aim is clear: to work with clubs and other stakeholders to create the best competition – one loved by fans in Europe and around the world,” Reichart said.

“At the same time, we must create a more sustainable football ecosystem, including both the men’s and women’s game, to unleash the full potential of European club football.

“Our proposals are a fan-centric platform that brings together clubs and fans like never before.

“Investors will back us on the development and the launch of the platform and this is why we are reaching out to safeguard this vision that we share.

“This is a unique opportunity to rethink how football is presented to the fans.”