• Thursday, April 18, 2024
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Pochettino urges Chelsea fans to trust club


Mauricio Pochettino has urged Chelsea fans to have faith in the club following negative chants at him during FA Cup quarter-final victory over Leicester City.

The Blues supporters voiced their discontent when Pochettino opted to substitute Mykhailo Mudryk instead of Raheem Sterling in the 78th minute, with some chanting “You don’t know what you’re doing”.

Sterling, who had missed a penalty and another chance earlier in the match, was eventually replaced, with Chelsea securing a 4-2 win to progress to the semi-finals.

Addressing the criticism, Pochettino emphasized the need to accept the situation and understand the fans’ expectations.

“It’s like when I try to explain the situation of the squad, maybe I need to explain also to the fans. We need to accept it,” Pochettino remarked.

He also stressed the importance of unity between the fans and the team, expressing hope for unconditional support in the upcoming matches.

“I hope in the next game that the fans are always unconditionally behind the team because we are representing Chelsea,” Pochettino stated. “We are in a process where we want to make our fans happy and we are going to try.”

While acknowledging the fans’ passion and emotions, Pochettino urged trust in the club’s decisions and emphasized the collective effort to achieve success.

“I don’t ask that they trust me, they need to trust in the club,” Pochettino asserted. “It is about trust in everyone, not only me.”

Regarding Sterling’s penalty miss, Pochettino supported the player’s decision and emphasized the need for unity within the team.

“Fans are entitled to show their emotion…but we are on a project. We need support and to believe,” Pochettino said.

Pochettino emphasized mutual respect and understanding between the fans and the club, reaffirming his commitment to leading Chelsea in the best possible way.