• Saturday, April 13, 2024
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Mike Tyson, Jake Paul advised to consider scripted fight

Mike Tyson-Jake Paul-2

Former boxer Tony Bellew has weighed in on the highly anticipated bout between Mike Tyson and Jake Paul, expressing concerns and suggesting that a scripted approach might be preferable.

With Tyson, 58, facing off against the much younger Paul, critics have raised questions about the wisdom of the matchup.

Paul’s camp is pushing for the fight to be fully licensed, meaning it would be a professional bout without headgear and potentially lasting up to 10 rounds. The fight, set to be live-streamed on Netflix, has drawn anticipation and criticism alike.

Bellew, expressing apprehension about Tyson’s return to the ring at his age, particularly against a significantly younger opponent, voiced his hope for a more controlled scenario.

“I’m hoping that the fight is a bit of a circus and a bit scripted because I wouldn’t want to see Mike get hurt in any way shape or form.”

Acknowledging Tyson’s financial incentive for the fight, Bellew emphasized the need for caution, saying, “It is sad. I don’t want to see Mike Tyson get hurt, he is one of idols and heroes, I love Mike Tyson and I don’t want to see him get hurt, but I understand it because everyone needs to get paid.”

Concerns about Tyson’s safety have been echoed by others in the boxing community, with some expressing worries about potential life-threatening injuries due to his age and previous experiences in the ring.

Stephen Hughes, a senior lecturer in medicine, warned of the risks Tyson faces.

While Bellew hopes for a respectful approach from Paul, he also highlights the stakes, stating, “If Mike kicks off then Jake Paul is in a really bad way. He would pull his head off his neck.”

As anticipation builds for the fight, discussions about its potential risks and outcomes continue among fans and experts alike.