• Tuesday, July 16, 2024
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Bolt driver’s football league fosters unity, inclusion in ride-hailing ecosystem

Bolt driver’s football league fosters unity, inclusion in ride-hailing ecosystem

Bolt, a ride-hailing platform, continues to strengthen its bond with driver-partners by hosting the second edition of its ‘Bolt Driver’s Football League’ in Lagos.

The second edition of the tournament, themed “Fostering Unity and Inclusion,” was aimed at enhancing the relationship between Bolt and its driver-partners.

Yahaya Mohammed, Bolt’s country manager, said the football league underscored the platform’s commitment to the well-being of its drivers, recognising the essential role they play in the ride-hailing ecosystem.

“We believe in fostering a strong sense of community and building meaningful relationships with our drivers. Through initiatives like this, we are not just a ride-hailing platform; we are a supportive and vibrant community that values the contributions of our drivers,” Mohammed said.

According to him, the football league was organised in partnership with the Lagos State Ministry of Transportation, OneHealth by AXA, Oraimo, and Mycovergenius. “Together, we are driving towards a future of excellence in service and driver empowerment. I am thrilled to witness the incredible comradeship and passion displayed by our drivers today. This event exemplifies Bolt’s unwavering commitment to driver engagement and satisfaction.”

The event concluded with the presentation of medals and trophies to the top three teams, along with outstanding prizes for participants. The winning team received a cash prize of N500, 000 plus an additional N200, 000 from the Lagos State Ministry of Transportation.

The runner-up team was awarded N350, 000 plus an additional N150, 000 from Oraimo, while the third-place team received N250, 000. In total, the cash prizes amounted to 1.3 million naira. Additionally, exciting prizes were won by female drivers and other attendees during the raffle draw.

“We are thrilled to host this novelty football competition as a way to bring our driver community together in a spirit of unity and inclusion. Our drivers are the backbone of our service, and this event is our way of showing appreciation for their hard work and dedication,” Weyinmi Aghadiuno, the acting head of regulatory and policy Africa at Bolt, said.

Aghadiuno said that by creating opportunities for drivers and their families to connect and engage in a fun, relaxed setting, Bolt aims to strengthen the bonds within its community and celebrate the diversity that makes its brand stronger.