• Saturday, July 13, 2024
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WallX, a Peer-to-Peer Offline/Online Payment Solution Disrupts Africa

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WallX Africa is a fintech company that promotes financial inclusion for all by offering a diverse range of products and services for both SMEs and Individuals.

With WallX, you can take advantage of a variety of financial products while also making money and growing revenue for business owners.

One of its key products is the “WallX Business Suite”, a solution that focuses on helping last mile small businesses accept seamless digital and non-digital payments alternatives from their customers through its unified platform.

In a statement from the Chief Product Officer, he mentioned “merchants and small businesses suffer high monthly revenue loss of about 15% due to poor customer service delivery, common payment challenges as a result of network connectivity issues on POS devices, delayed confirmation of payments after a customer makes a bank transfer, abandonment of shopping carts, poor sales record keeping, and lots more. All these factors contribute to running a successful business hence the birth of our “Business Suite” to help these merchants, stores and small businesses organize their operations and also serve their customers better. Fact remains that no customer wants to be delayed at a store after making a purchase and no business as well wants to lose revenue at any point”.

Furthermore, the business solution offers owners and even solopreneurs seamless portal to carry out and manage day to day business activities such as:

Some of the additional great features that comes with the business suite:

● Accept Seamless Offline/Online Payments
● Fast Payment Notification Services
● Accept Paycode from Customers
● Merchant Unique Virtual Accounts/QR Codes/USSD
● Customer Management & Marketing Tool
● Easy Settlement & Reconciliation
● Generate Payment Links for Customers
● Process/Claim Shopping e-Vouchers
● Manage Sales Records, Daily Transactions & Performance
● Bill Payments
● …and lots more.

Since its recent launch it has acquired over 580+ active users and over 158+ merchants and small businesses.
Visit: www.wallx.co to get started
Call: 01-630 4704 or email: [email protected]
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