• Friday, September 22, 2023
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UK firm celebrates Senator Ibrahim Hassan Hadejia as Deputy Chief of Staff to the President of Nigeria


The Federal Republic of Nigeria is abuzz with excitement and anticipation as Senator Hassan Ibrahim Hadejia assumes his new role as Deputy Chief of Staff to the President. This momentous appointment marks a significant milestone in the Senator’s illustrious career and promises a bright future for Nigeria under his dynamic and visionary leadership.

TEXEM, a distinguished organisation renowned for helping leaders and their organisations to optimise their capability to win, holds a unique perspective on Senator Hassan Ibrahim Hadejia’s capabilities. In its 13-year history, TEXEM has worked with numerous accomplished leaders, including ministers, governors, senators, vice-chancellors, professors, and judges. However, Senator Hassan Ibrahim Hadejia’s achievements are unparalleled and genuinely exceptional.

Among the over four thousand executives TEXEM has had the privilege of offering services to, Senator Hassan Ibrahim Hadejia is the first to have consistently emerged victorious in three out of four assessments (in three (3) consecutive days out of four (4))—an extraordinary feat in itself. Senator Hassan Ibrahim Hadejia attended the TEXEM programme “Optimising Legislative Impact” which helped legislators challenge assumptions, network, share best practices, and brainstorm on inclusive growth and nation-building strategies which held at Birmingham, UK between 5th – 9th of July 2021. His strategic leadership abilities, unmatched emotional quotient and inspiring attention to detail have consistently propelled him to success. Furthermore, the Senator’s punctuality has been commendable, as he never arrived late for any session—a testament to his discipline and dedication.

TEXEM joins the entire nation of Nigeria and the African continent in congratulating the Federal Republic of Nigeria for selecting such an illustrious, dynamic, and impactful leader. Senator Hassan Ibrahim Hadejia’s antecedents, pedigree, attention to detail, and moral compass make him an ideal candidate for the Deputy Chief of Staff role. In addition, his wealth of experience and expertise in the public and private sectors will undoubtedly contribute to sustainable, inclusive growth and nation-building.
As Senator Hassan Ibrahim Hadejia assumes this crucial position, there is no doubt that he will serve as a beacon of good governance. His commitment to excellence and visionary outlook will inspire others to follow suit. With Senator Hassan Ibrahim Hadejia at the helm in the position of Deputy Chief of Staff to the President, Nigeria has the opportunity to position itself on the path to greatness and success. Dr Alim Abubakre, Founder of TEXEM, said, “this call to service is a unique opportunity for Senator Hassan Ibrahim Hadejia to epitomise John F Kennedy’s famous maxim: Ask not what Nigeria can do for you-ask what you can do for the nation. Thus, TEXEM encourages Senator Hassan Hadejia to please urgently deplore his unparalleled strategic leadership quotient to inspire his team to help develop the nation’s vast potential and enhance the various comparative advantages of Nigeria (such as her dynamic and educated youths) and position her to be on the trajectory to becoming first among equals in the committee of great nations.”

TEXEM firmly believes that appointing Senator Hassan Ibrahim Hadejia as Deputy Chief of Staff to the President of Nigeria is a significant step towards achieving a thriving and prosperous nation. Accordingly, the TEXEM family extends its warmest congratulations and expresses unwavering support to Senator Hassan Ibrahim Hadejia as he embarks on this new chapter of his distinguished career.

May the leadership of Senator Hassan Ibrahim Hadejia pave the way for a Nigeria that thrives on inclusivity, progress, and sustainable development. Together, let us work towards a brighter future under the able guidance of this exceptional leader.