Lagetronix Empowers Non-Profits & NGOs in Nigeria with the Latest Microsoft Solutions


Microsoft is committed to supporting non-profit and non-governmental organizations to help them achieve their goals and make a positive impact. One of the ways that Microsoft does this is through the Microsoft Non-profit program, which provides non-profits with free or discounted access to a range of services and products, such as cloud services, training programs, and software licenses. Microsoft partners with local organizations to help non-profits thrive and achieve their goals.

Lagetronix is one such organization in Nigeria that partners with Microsoft to help non-profits optimize their operations and fundraising. According to Femi Adesanya, CEO and Founder of Lagetronix, “We understand that non-profits face unique challenges in securing funding, engaging volunteers, and achieving their goals. Our mission is to help non-profits overcome these challenges by leveraging the latest Microsoft solutions and providing customized and localized support.”

The Microsoft Non-profit program provides non-profits with access to a range of products and services, such as Microsoft Teams, Power BI, and LinkedIn Learning. Non-profits can use these tools to collaborate and communicate more effectively, analyze and visualize their data, and upskill their staff and volunteers.

Lagetronix helps non-profits to effectively adopt and leverage technology by providing customized solutions that meet their specific needs. “We work closely with non-profits to understand their unique challenges and requirements,” says Adesanya. “Then, we tailor solutions that are specific to their needs, helping them to increase their reach and impact, engage more volunteers and donors, and achieve their goals.”

Through its partnership with Microsoft, Lagetronix has helped several non-profit organizations in Nigeria to optimize their operations and fundraising processes. By leveraging Microsoft’s solutions, these non-profits have been able to save time and resources, focus more on delivering high-quality programs to their beneficiaries, and achieve their goals.

In conclusion, Microsoft’s Non-profit program and its partnerships with local organizations like Lagetronix are helping non-profit organizations to achieve their goals and make a positive impact in their communities. With Lagetronix’s customized solutions and local expertise, non-profits can overcome the unique challenges they face and thrive in achieving their mission. As Adesanya says, “We believe that by leveraging the latest Microsoft solutions and providing customized and localized support, non-profits in Nigeria can create a better world for everyone.”

Want to streamline your operations and boost fundraising efforts? Lagetronix can help. Email us at nonprofit@lagetronix.com to get started.


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