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What to consider when relocating to Lagos

What to consider when relocating to Lagos

The saying “the home is where the heart is” is very common. However, this adage leaves up the possibility that your heart doesn’t even know where it should be. Hence, the need to carefully consider your ideal neighbourhood or house location before you begin your hunt for your ideal home.

Lagos is a popular relocation destination for many families, both domestically and internationally, for a variety of clear reasons, including the fact that it serves as the country’s economic hub, offers plentiful employment possibilities, has a vibrant social scene, and a host of other factors.

Relocating as a family or as an individual is a critical decision that must be carefully considered before making any decisions. This is because your family’s decision affects others, especially if you have children who are still young.

But, beyond hearsay, to assist you in making this important decision, I have compiled a list of some important factors to consider when relocating to Lagos that best suits you and your family’s needs:

Lifestyle Match

Living in the busy area of Lagos city may be the best option for you if you are single. On the other hand, a more tranquil area of the city can work if you have a family. If you have children, you may also want to think about how close your preferred location is to their schools or the likelihood that there are good schools nearby which brings me to my next point.

Your Children’s Education

Moving your children from one school to another may have some slight effect on them as they will have to start learning afresh how to cope in their new school and also the choice of friends may be difficult.

In all, Lagos has a very good educational system, thus getting your children into good schools should not be a problem.

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As a Christian, Muslim or whatever your religion is, one of the most important factors to consider when relocating is nearness to a place of worship and fellowship. Recent trends have shown that the place of worship serves a critical role in helping people integrate faster into their new environment. In fact your religious family will welcome you and settle you into the neighbourhood when you relocate faster than any other family.

Social Amenities and Infrastructure

What are the basic social amenities available in your proposed location? Consider the area’s power supply rate. How good are the road systems? What about network availability?

When deciding to relocate to Lagos, there are numerous factors to consider, all of which require your attention. To be successful in your search, you must first identify what is most important to you and your family. Do your homework until you find the perfect place to live. It can be a significant time and energy drain, but all of your efforts will be rewarded once you have found your dream home.


Another important factor to consider before relocating to Lagos is the actual accommodation. If you have a house in Lagos or a family’s property that you can stay in, then this shouldn’t bother you but if not, you need to think this through. Whether to rent or buy, either by cash payment, off-plan payment or mortgage. This is because the house rent you may have to pay in a year in certain locations in Lagos with a little extra can be used as a contribution for getting your own home. If you plan to stay in a home for more than just a few years, then the actual amount could cost more to rent than buy. To be a landlord is not as difficult as many people think, it only requires proper planning. Buying a home, in the long run, is a much better investment — if you stay in it long enough to see.

Access to Healthcare

Your family’s wellness and health should be top priority for you, and it should be one of the first things you consider before relocating to any area of Lagos.

It is critical that you have access to a good healthcare facility when considering relocating to Lagos.

Cost of Living

When compared to other states in the country, depending on proximity to your place of work or business and earnings, it may be better to live in secured serviced apartments than stand-alone self-managed houses where you have to solely bear all the bills compared to serviced communities where you enjoy shared costs.


Compared to most other states in the country, Lagos is relatively safer, especially the gated communities and so it would be in your best interest to find accommodation in any of these gated communities.

In all, Lagos is a fantastic place to live, work and play.

Happy Relocating!