• Monday, July 15, 2024
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Realtor entices homebuyers, investors with 6% RoI on US property


The crave by the Nigerian elite and the middle class to own choice properties in locations outside the country  has received a major boost with Lux Property Investment Group (LPIG) offering  such buyers opportunity to buy and get, at least,  6 percent return on investment (RoI) on any property purchased in the United States.

The Atlanta-based real estate firm known for connecting international homebuyers to US properties, says it is not only selling properties to buyers with high ROI, but also homes that perfectly fit as a guaranteed security of investment.

In a statement released to BusinessDay, Adesina Adeyemi, a Managing Partner at LPIG, said  that with tenant placement guaranteed in Atlanta and houses sold at reasonably low prices in the city when compared to some Nigerian coveted neighbourhoods such as Lekki, the Atlanta property market is the next destination for homebuyers and investors.

“You will typically pay less for a four bedroom single detached family home in Atlanta than you would for its kind in Lekki, Lagos,” Adeyemi said, adding that the new attraction for Nigerians and other international home buyers to the city is its well known superb architecture.

“We have two categories of Nigerian clients, the Nigerian investor who intends to purchase a house at an average of $150,000 (N30 million) and earn about $800 (N160,000) or more on a monthly basis as rental income; the second category are high net-worth individuals looking to splash their cash on luxury homes in anticipation of gaining equity from property value appreciation; these homes are in the average $1 million (N200 million ) range”, Adeyemi explained.

The city of Atlanta is also home to the world’s busiest airport and top fortune 500 companies such as UPS, CNN, Delta Airlines, Coca Cola, AT & T, AFLAC, etc.

“Atlanta is the most prominent rental market in the U.S. (Forbes Magazine). It is considered the fourth best city in the U.S. to invest in (CNN Money). It is also one of the least costly cities in the US to do business and considered the premier growth city in South Eastern U.S,” the statement  revealed.

In addition to its numerous benefits, the Atlanta property market favours “all cash” purchases and also boasts of a tenancy law that highly favours landlords.

LPIG which acts mainly as an international ‘cash’ homebuyers agents, leverages  technology to facilitate the entire process with or without a client being physically present.