Buy real estate unit, get vetted tenants and earn guaranteed rental income

Getting a good and secure investment that offers quality returns remains a major challenge for many people, particularly here in Nigeria where a lot of scammers are right there staring at you and waiting for you to just drop your cash.

For instance, investing in real estate. This is however not new, but with its many challenges of having to deal with so many intermediaries whose interests are just to get their own commission, where what happens to you thereafter becomes wholly your personal headache.

However, today, technology has brought a relief and answers to lots of the questions that potential real estate investors have been eager to know that will enable them go into the property market and still come out happily.

Nigerian leading Property Tech Startup, RentSmallSmall recently undertook a major rebranding effort, uniting it and other products under a new company name and brand called SmallSmall Technology.

One of its latest products Buy2let is uniquely designed to answer this questions are help young and older people get into real estate and make fortunes.

Buy2let is your end-to-end investment solution uniquely created to give the new generation of investors a head-start in real estate investments and increase the portfolio of the older generation in order to create sustainable wealth.

With Buy2Let you can buy real estate from 100s of properties, get vetted tenants for your property and start earning guaranteed rent without stress via RentSmallSmall.

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The Company, SmallSmall Technology offer payment plans that enables you own a home without breaking the bank including self-finance of outright purchase with 100 percent cash payment; up to 70 percent mortgage financing on your property of choice on Buy2Let through here partners, who are leading mortgage providers in Nigeria; paying a commitment fee and go on to spread the balance for a 12 months period; and finally the savers plan where you save a specific amount monthly for a year that sums up to the down payment for your property of choice

It provides guarantee guaranteed rent for every property purchased on Buy2Let and buyers can use their guaranteed rent to service their mortgage or payment plan, the company said.

Prior to the launch of the product, Buy2Let, a pilot/beta test of the product was conducted last year, and great success was achieved. This product is aimed at giving young people a head start in real estate investment, wherein they buy units, get vetted tenants and start earning guaranteed rental income.

According to the Company, the rebranding is in furtherance of their commitment to providing flexible, convenient, and quality living solutions to Nigerians. A new corporate logo, visual identity, website, mobile app are critical elements to this rebrand.

In addition, the company also announced the launch of StayOne, a premium premium solution offering nightly stays for those looking for quality living spaces with exquisite furnishings.

In the last three years, RentalSmall Small has been providing monthly rental payments in two cities – Lagos and Abuja through its product RentSmallSmall; and is set to launch operations in five other cities including Enugu and Ondo before the end of July 2022.

It has recorded over 25,000 monthly stays across 24 locations in these cities, saved tenants over N1.4 billion in agency and legal fees, and has tripled its waiting list to 70,000 people this year, challenging the traditional rental system that puts a strain on the renters with its yearly upfront payments.

According to the, Tunde Balogun, CEO and co-founder the rebrand to SmallSmall Technology is coming at a strategic point in the company’s history; hence the launch of its new identity and the public unveiling of Buy2Let and StayOne.

‘We have recorded outstanding growth in the last three years, have uncovered new areas of development as we continue to serve our customers and understand the market better. SmallSmall is here to drive a better, easier, and smarter way of living. We are nowhere near completely solving the problems that affect the housing market, but we are very committed to seeing that quality living is accessible to as many people as possible. It is why we created our unique products to address some of these challenges. We believe that everyone can and should live a quality life once the flexibility in payment and convenience is provided. We want to be our customers’ partners to living their best life’

Powered by Technology, SmallSmall is committed to delivering on its promise to inspire a better lifestyle and promote convenient living for all.

Pidah Tnadah, the company’s vice president, Product and Technology, adds that with the new website and mobile application, customers would easily access all products with an improved seamless experience through and through.

“Our new website is the powerhouse of the solutions we are delivering. is built with our customers in mind, and delivering on our brand promise of convenience and ease. We have developed new dashboards for our subscribers and property owners that can be accessed on the website and on our mobile application. There is just so much in store for our customers on these new platforms and we are thrilled by all of it.”

Naomi Olaghere, vice president and cofounder, Operations, reinforces the impact of the rebranding on the company and its customers. “It only gets better from here”, she says.

“We continue to innovate and stay creative as we think of better ways to solve the needs of our customers. We have introduced exciting features for our customers – property owners and subscribers alike; such as the wallet option, a points-based rewards system, a dashboard that enables them stay up-to-date on all their interactions with us and so much more. It is truly an exciting time for us”

The company (SmallSmall Tech) had its official unveiling event on Friday, July 1, 2022 at Filmhouse Lekki Phase 1, with partners and customers in attendance. Some of the notable attendees include Kola Ashiru-Balogun, Debo Omotunde, Andrew Airelobhegbe, Ayo Akindele, etc.

Speaking on the launch event, Kola Ashiru-Balogun says, “It’s the launch of a bigger company, a stronger company, a company that is going way into the future”

Debo Omotunde, a special guest also adds, “I believe this is one of those businesses you are very proud of, not just because it is growing but because of the impact it is having on people. This is causing social change. It was unheard of that landlords would willingly collect one month’s rent, but that is becoming almost a trend now; and they are just getting started. It is an organization that is already impacting how the society works and helping young people aspire to be able to live in a decent environment and plan their finances properly.”

SmallSmall is transforming the housing market using technology as a critical driver of this change, and it is driving this through its products – RentSmallSmall, Buy2Let and StayOne.

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