My re-election is for the good people of Bauchi State-Governor Bala

Governor Bala Abdulkadir Mohammed of Bauchi State on Wednesday said that his re-election was not for him alone but for the people of Bauchi State generally.

In his victory speech, the governor also described the victory as a reward for his good performance and good governance and assured that his administration would rededicate the victory through unveiling new developmental programmes.

Governor Bala Mohammed said his administration in the first tenure, made significant achievements in infrastructure renewal, people empowerment, educational advancement, improvement in access to healthcare, ease of doing business, industrialisation, security of lives and property, urban renewal including housing and environment, improved agricultural practices, tourism and social amenities among others.

He noted that the administration would strive to explore the benefits of the digital economy, provide incentives to attract both local and Direct Foreign Investments (DFI), expand the industrial cum commercial base of the state, escalate programmes for capacity building particularly in vocational studies as well as accentuate the ongoing transformation of Bauchi metropolis into a modern urban hub in the north east zone.

According to him, the victory would also not have been possible without the steadfast commitment of many stakeholders long before the elections which include the leadership and members of the PDP, members of the State House of Assembly, the State Executive Council, civil servants, public office holders, development partners, the ulama and religious leaders.

“It is with extreme joy and a heart full of gratitude that I join all the good people of Bauchi State, to thank the Almighty God, on the occasion of my re-election as your governor. Like anyone in my position, I consider it a special favour to have been found worthy to occupy this office for a second time.

He added that “It’s the grace of God, who gives power to whom he wishes and takes it back without reference to the person. This victory is not for me alone. Nor is a partisan victory for my party, the People’s Democratic Party (PDP). No. Instead, it is a victory for the good people of Bauchi State; a victory of God’s awesomeness over human expectations and a statement that power belongs to God.

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“Our robust developmental agenda call for the collaboration of all stakeholders in the Bauchi project. Those who defined democracy as government of the people, by the people and for the people saw the role of the electorate beyond elections. Embedded in that definition is a call to ownership of the entire government machinery through intense oversight on the activities of government, taking personal responsibility for civic duties in support of government’s fiscal policies, investing in the state and observing the rule of law.

“The election is over; it is time for governance. Therefore, I implore my fellow contestants, in the interest of Bauchi State, to rally round the Administration, as we forge a united front to chart an overarching trajectory that would take Bauchi State to the promised land. In this regard, I solemnly apologise to all those who I have wronged in the course of the campaigns and ask for their forgiveness. By the same token, it is with every sense of responsibility that I have forgiven those who would have wronged me.”

Governor Bala reaffirmed his administration’s promise to bequeath to future generations in Bauchi State with the core values of respect for human dignity, access to youth and adult employment, diversity and gender sensitivity, ease of doing business, respect for traditional institutions, security of lives and property, the welfare of the most vulnerable groups and people with special needs, and harmonious relationship with all the relevant stakeholders.