• Friday, March 01, 2024
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Wike’s shadow looms large: Will he follow his loyalists to APC?

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The recent defection of 27 Rivers State lawmakers  loyal to Wike from the PDP to the APC has thrown the state’s political scene into further turmoil and raised doubts about the ruling party’s future.

While the immediate impact is a significant boost for the APC’s presence in the state legislature, the larger question hangs over the potential departure of Nyesom Wike, the powerful former governor and current Minister of the Federal Capital Territory.

Wike, known for his political influence and unwavering loyalty to his allies, has been at odds with Governor Siminalayi Fubara for months.

This rift, stemming from disagreements over leadership and political appointments, has manifested in a bitter power struggle that has now spilt over into the state legislature. The defection of Wike’s loyalists suggests a growing discontent within the PDP ranks and a potential fracture in the party’s support base.

While Wike has not explicitly declared his intention to leave the PDP, his silence speaks volumes. His relationship with the party leadership has deteriorated significantly, fueled by accusations of being sidelined and marginalized.

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The mass defection of his loyalists could be interpreted as a calculated move to pressure the PDP leadership or even pave the way for Wike’s exit.

If Wike were to defect to the APC, it would be a major blow to the PDP’s hopes of retaining control of Rivers State in the 2024 elections.

Wike’s charisma, political acumen, and deep-rooted connections within the state could significantly sway voters favouring the APC, potentially altering the region’s political landscape.

Furthermore, Wike’s departure would be a significant morale blow to the PDP, already facing internal divisions and leadership challenges.

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It could also galvanize other PDP members frustrated with the party’s leadership to follow suit, weakening the party’s national standing.

The coming weeks will be crucial in determining Wike’s next move. Whether he chooses to remain in the PDP and fight for his influence or defect to the APC in a dramatic political power play will profoundly impact the future of Rivers State and the national political landscape.

The political chess game in Rivers State is far from over, and Wike remains the kingmaker with the potential to tip the scales in either direction.