• Tuesday, July 23, 2024
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Sujimoto CEO, Sijibomi buries father in grand style


The young and quintessential luxury real estate mogul and CEO of Sujimoto Group, Sijibomi Ogundele, is one whose enchanting personality and audacious influence cannot be overlooked.

As a patriotic and detribalized Nigerian, who is committed to redefining luxury living in Africa, Sujimoto has built for himself over the years a network of loyal friends and acquaintances that cut across the high and mighty, distinguished men of timber and calibre, including but not limited to captains of industries, first-class monarchs, politicians and power brokers, governors, socialites and celebrities.

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When the news of the demise of his father, Pa Samson Idowu Ogundele who led a quiet and fulfilled life broke in mid-August and the burial was announced for December, Nigerians already knew it was going to be a detty December in Osun State, which happens to be the home-town of the Ogundeles.

Pa Ogundele
Pa Ogundele

Everyone who knows the Luxury Real Estate Maestro knows the passion and excellence he brings into whatever he does. Sujimoto single-handedly transformed the Nigerian luxury real estate market with audacious projects, strategic storytelling and unrivalled marketing communication strategies that have become the norm now amongst luxury property developers. According to our correspondence, “every developer now wants to sound like Sujimoto”. It is this same passion and commitment to excellence that Sijibomi Ogundele is bringing into bidding his father farewell in December as preparations are underway.

For a man like Sujimoto who has continually sown good seeds of friendships and is loved for his benevolence and humanity, it was no surprise when it was gathered that friends and fans have started falling over one another in a bid to outdo the next person, with showers of gifts, massive donations and love. The frenzy and buzz are currently at their highest in social circles, as the respected Lagos socialite plans the burial of his father.

According to a close source, top politicians, celebrities, socialites, diplomats, first-class kings amongst others have already written to confirm their attendance and all roads will lead to Erinmo Ijesa in Osun State this weekend. The peaceful town of Erinmo -Ijesa has already worn a new look in anticipation of the December event which many has already tagged Oba reloaded in comparison to the recent display of wealth, pomp and pageantry during the burial of Obi Cubana’s Mother in Oba, Anambra state.

The late technocrat – Pa Ogundele, worked with the multi-national company, John Holt as a General and Regional Manager in the North. He instilled discipline in his children and thought them invaluable lessons in integrity and hard work. His life is a testament to the importance of living a legacy behind.