• Saturday, June 22, 2024
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Start up fintech firm processes N11bn worth of invoice trades

Start up fintech firm processes N11bn worth of invoice trades

Since its inception in the second half of 2021, Capsa Technology, a start up financial technology company in Nigeria, in a short span of time, facilitated the trading of over 11billion Naira worth of invoices, making a significant impact on the growth trajectory of numerous enterprises.

The firm has been at the forefront of empowering small businesses with its innovative invoice factoring platform.

With a resolute vision for the future, Capsa aims to quadruple this impressive figure in the next 12 months, reaffirming its commitment to supporting small businesses and fueling their expansion.

By revolutionising the way small businesses access financing, the GetCapsa platform has become a catalyst for growth for businesses in various industries.

Through its cutting-edge technology and streamlined processes, the company has created a seamless platform for businesses to factor their invoices, bridging the gap between invoicing and payment. This has enabled entrepreneurs to overcome cash flow challenges, seize growth opportunities, and take their businesses to new heights.

According to Mustapha Suberu, the CEO of Capsa Technology, the impact of the GetCapsa platform on small businesses has been nothing short of remarkable.

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“Surpassing the 11 billion naira milestone is a testament to the trust placed on our platform by businesses seeking reliable and efficient financing solutions. By providing access to immediate cash flow, these businesses have been able to unlock their true potential and accelerate their growth.

“Looking ahead, Capsa Technology has set its sights on further amplifying its impact in the small business financing landscape. With a robust strategy in place, the company aims to quadruple the value of invoice trades in the next 12 months,” Suberu said.

Segun Dada, the Chief Commercial Officer believes this ambitious goal reflects Capsa’s commitment to empowering more businesses, facilitating growth, and fueling economic development.

According to Dada, by expanding its reach and further enhancing its technology, the GetCapsa platform is poised to become a driving force in the financing ecosystem.

“The astounding success of Capsa Technology can be attributed to its relentless focus on customer satisfaction, competitive rates, and expedited processes.

“The company’s user-friendly platform, combined with its extensive network of financial partners, ensures that small businesses receive funding quickly and at favorable terms. This not only enables businesses to save on interest rates but also provides them with the financial flexibility required to thrive in today’s dynamic marketplace,” he explained.

He said entrepreneurs who have availed themselves of Capsa’s services have spoken highly of the company’s contribution to their success.

Gbenga Adigun the CEO of Rebar Perfecta spoke glowingly about how his business leveraged the the getcapsa platform to sell unpaid invoices with speed, convenience, and at competitive rates. “Capsa has transformed our operations, enabling us to scale our business and expand product offerings, and acquire new customers in record time.”

With GetCapsa as their trusted financial technology partner, over 400 small businesses have experienced firsthand the power of innovative financing solutions tailored to their unique needs.

Capsa’s journey since its inception in the second half of 2021 has been marked by significant achievements and empowering success stories.

Facilitating over 11 billion Naira worth of invoice trades, the company has revolutionized the small business financing landscape. With its ambitious aim to quadruple this figure in the next 12 months, Capsa Technology continues to empower businesses, driving growth, and shaping a vibrant ecosystem of innovation and economic prosperity,” Adigun said.