• Monday, December 11, 2023
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PlentyTechJobs Africa launches real-time IT salary dashboard for Nigerians

PlentyTechJobs Africa launches real-time IT salary dashboard for Nigerians

PlentyTechJobs.Africa, a Lagos based tech company has launched a real-time IT Salary dashboard to provide critical data on the average salary of IT jobs in Nigeria.

At the launch of the tech platform, the founder of PlentyTechJobs, Tolu Adelowo said the tool can be accessed by anyone completely free of charge and was designed to solve a number of information problems employers and job seekers encounter on a daily basis.

According to him, the report generated by this tool is publicly accessible on the web via PlentyTechJobs with up-to-date information on IT skills in demand and the average IT salary data for Nigeria.

“While I was in the UK, I discovered that there are many websites and platforms built for the purpose of finding out salary information about IT jobs,” Adelowo explained.

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“However, upon getting to Nigeria I discovered there are very few platforms with accurate and up-to-date information about IT salary trends, which is why we launched this innovative Real-Time IT Salary Trends Dashboard. This platform enables employers and job seekers within the IT industry to understand salary trends,” He further added.

The PlentyTechJobs platform also has a tool called “IT Salary Calculator” for job seekers and employers that need salary information on specific skill sets.

The salary calculator tool is likewise updated in real-time. It is easy to navigate and adopt and it makes life seamless for employers and job seekers by giving them a deeper insight into jobs in Nigeria.”

Speaking further, Adelowo advised IT Professionals on how to answer salary expectation questions. “Candidates should always shoot for the stars but always make it clear if they are willing to negotiate. It’s far more important to be focused on the learning opportunities a job provides. In my experience, some of the random skills I learned in low paying IT jobs made all the difference to getting better-paying jobs,” he advised.

PlentyTechJobs is a digital marketplace for technology careers that serves the needs of employers looking to hire Tech Talent for short to long term needs. The platform also caters to Technology talent that is looking to find their next IT job or looking to transition into a career in technology.

PlentyTechJobs also serves the needs of IT and HR Managers that need to assess the IT capabilities of candidates through its IT Skills Assessment as a Service platform.