• Saturday, July 20, 2024
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Nigerians react as Tinubu releases ministerial list without portfolios

Does it matter who Tinubu really is?

The release of President Bola Tinubu’s list of 28 ministerial nominees without portfolios have elicited a spate of reactions from Nigerians

The list was presented after 59 days of Tinubu’s inauguration, and it includes former governors and senators.

Social media has been abuzz since the list was unveiled by the Senate, with Nigerians expressing their opinions on the nominations. Some citizens have expressed surprise at the choices, saying it depicts ‘jobs for the boys’.

Many twitter users have shared their views on the matter:

Primate Ayodelee (@primate_ayodelee) believes that the list might cause internal issues within the All Progressives Congress as some party members might feel neglected. The Twitter user advised the President to consider employing technocrats in his cabinet.

Dec Uche (@Dec_Uche) expressed disappointment over the inclusion of certain candidates, describing it as a “shame” and labelling some as “cancerous ministers of APC.”

The lack of detailed information about the nominees, including their states of representation and portfolios, also drew criticism. Some citizens questioned why the constitutional requirements were not fully met in the list.

One concerned citizen who chose to remain anonymous expressed mixed feelings, stating that while there are some technocrats among the nominees, others seem to be less ideal choices. The citizen hopes that the subsequent names on the list will present a better mix.

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“After 59 days, nobody in the Office of President could check the constitution that this list meets the basic constitutional requirement to list names with state represented and portfolio?” he said.

He said: “I would have expected that the Chief of Staff would not let the letter go without these details and that the Senate President would quietly call the Villa and insist not only on these details but on the full list of 36 plus any others before formally accepting it and reading it out.

“The two office holders are lawyers and over 35 years pqe and current and former presiding officers in the NASS who we would expect would know what the Constitution (as amended) requires. After all, under our law, Saturday is also a working day and, if need be, the Senate can wait to receive a proper compliant list and sit beyond its normal sitting days to consider it. What I see here is extreme sloppiness in the Villa and the Senate…that borders on incompetence.”

As Nigerians continue to share their opinions on social media, the nation eagerly awaits the Senate’s deliberations on Tinubu’s ministerial nominees.