• Monday, July 15, 2024
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Nigerians must prepare for the worse – CDRP

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The Committee for Democracy and Rights of the People (CDRP), a civil society organisation in Nigeria, has called on Nigerians to prepare for the worse from the ruling class, alleging that the postponement is definitely the beginning of many tricks as “we approach the day of election”. CDRP described the postponement as preamble to more sinister motives from the ruling elite.

“The postponement has nothing to do with fighting criminal insurgents; it is pregnant with further coercion of the electoral body, orchestration of religious and ethnic crisis, and ultimately causes institutional anarchy,” the group said. In a press statement signed by its Acting National Coordinator of the group, Saka Waheed, said among their antics is the military siege to prominent opposition leaders which is never a routine known in a democracy, “it is a recipe to institutionalised dictatorship and therefore, condemnable.

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The show of intimidation, strength and possible crackdown further question the integrity and non-partisanship of our military.” “Also, the subtle call for Attahiru Jega to be sent on terminal leave by some section of the elite is a call to disrupt the electoral process and all Nigerians must unite to defeat the hidden intention of those who want to cause generational setback for our nation. This is the time to prepare for the worse even as we hope for the best.”

The group said any attempt by the Federal Government to further extend the election dates or coerce the electoral commission shall be massively resisted and wholeheartedly fight to finish as we are ready to sustain and defend our democracy even if it requires the ultimate price.